05 Tips For The Perfect TV Placement In Your Home

Let’s face it! You are likely to say goodbye to your neck muscles with the wrong TV placement. So, better try some tips for the perfect TV placement in your home.


Decorating technology is a bit tricky when all the chords and connections are involved. Moreover, your TV placement is as crucial as your furniture arrangement. Honestly, both the elements complement each other when placed correctly. That is why you should go for a position that does not jeopardize your home décor and neck muscles.  


Let’s say you get the best high-quality furniture in Richmond, but the TV placement fails to modify the space. Sounds disappointing, right! Therefore, some tips would help you position your TV in the best possible way. Keep these in mind, and you are sorted:


  1. Locate the power source
  2. Adjust the spatial distance
  3. Choose the best focal point
  4. Mix it up with other elements
  5. Or, hide the TV
  • Locate the power source:

Your TV and the other gaming and video streaming connections also depend on the power source. Therefore, it is essential to locate the power source of your living room or bedroom, wherever you want to place the TV. The power connection must be strong enough to handle the other accessories such as your sound system, play station, and gaming consoles. Common sense also implies that the TV goes where the power supply is. Plus, it is better if the power source is out of children’s reach.

  • Adjust the spatial distance:

Mounting the television has everything to do with your eye contact and the furniture arrangement. First of all, you must place the TV in a way that does not distort your eye contact with the screen, and the distance must be in balance. The ideal distance between you and your screen is that it does not strain your neck region.


In addition, consider the distance from the windows that might reflect light on the screen. You can use blinds to cover up the light factor when watching your favorite TV shows. Also, keep in mind the sun’s position which might be an issue later on.

  • Choose the best focal point:

Naturally, TV becomes the focal point of any room. If it’s a living room, your TV is the focal point, and all the furniture is pointed towards it. Moreover, if you have a mantel or a fireplace, it can be the room’s focal point. So, mount the TV on top of such elements. However, the spatial distance must be comfortable to watch for an extended period.

  • Mix it up with other elements:

Positioning the TV alongside a bookcase might sound traditional, but it is the best look so far. So, place the TV surrounded by books and other decorative accents. Furthermore, you can showcase your collection of music and DVDs with your TV. So, creatively make a space that looks personal yet stylish for your home. Integrate other elements if possible. Also, utilize what you already have at home.

  • Or, hide the TV:

Hiding the TV inside cabinets is another viable choice. If someone wants to put the TV inside the cabinets, that’s a personal choice. Use this option if you don’t want your TV to be visible or get more dust. But make sure the cabinets have holes for wiring and ample power supply for the TV. It’s a good tip that works well at home with kids. Plus, clean the cabinet often as you dust off your high-quality furniture in Richmond


Note: Use curtains if the sun factor is a permanent issue. 

 Summing up:

Are you struggling with the correct TV placement in your home? Well, this post covers nearly all the positioning factors. Perfect TV placement is the one that definitely does not hurt or strain your neck muscles. First, locate the power supply and mount the TV on the TV stand, cupboards, and a mantel or above the shelf. Create a focal point or mix it up with different home décor elements. Have fun decorating your living room!

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