09 Design Trends In Furniture That Are Not Going Anywhere

Designing your home! Let’s not skip the trends in the process. You will love the furniture design trends that are not going anywhere soon.

No doubt, wooden pieces are the heart of home furnishing. The trends keep on changing every day. However, some design trends have ruled the fashion industry for years and are not going anywhere soon. That is why I took the liberty of uncovering the most followed trends of 2022 that are not fading away anytime soon. 

 Several colors, cuts, and designs are available for your home interior. If you are looking for an online furniture store in Missouri City, look no further than these ideas. Furniture stores like Rosen furniture have the best-selling articles to croon your place with the modern and rustic charm. Let’s dig into the list of nine furniture designs and trends you don’t want to miss out on:

  1. Go bold and dark this year
  2. Revive the old oak wooden looks
  3. High headboards are still in trends
  4. Modern curved chairs
  5. Pink furniture and accents are there!
  6. Geometric shapes are not over yet
  7. Furnishings featuring velvet and leather
  8. Highly modern pieces that are not just furniture
  9. Customization is always an option
  • Go bold and dark this year:

While minimal home accents are still in the game, one cannot deny the charm of bold and dark furniture. Although a white table has been going well for the past few years paired with black cushions and accessories, dark wood furniture can make a stark statement in your living room. An espresso leather sofa, for instance, can be the best addition to your living room and will not feel dated.

  • Revive the old oak wooden looks:

Do you still love hardwood floors? Then how can you miss out on oak wooden furniture? These fashion trends will continue to change, but you can revive the old rustic charm with oak wooden sofa and console tables. These two wooden pieces can revamp your living room with style and texture. It’s simple! When modern can get old, why not revitalize old as current. So, the best way to do it is to re-finish your old furniture without spending much.

  • High headboards are still in trend:

As long as your bedroom furniture is concerned, padded headboards are not going anywhere. It’s been years since the trend came into the industry. And it’s still there. People are still not over high headboard bed crowns and fluffy neck rolls. In addition, the side table with attached mirrors is new to some people. So, the point is that you can quickly go for a headboard style bed frame without concerning about the latest trends. Plus, designing a bedroom with this style is much more convenient.

  • Modern curved chairs:

In a room, curved furnishings look stunning, and homeowners agree. Besides making a room look good, curved pieces are much more comfortable and stretchy. There is no doubt that curved edges and pedestal chairs with an open circle shape are here to stay. You may look for online furniture stores in Missouri city for such curvy and relaxing armchairs.

  • Pink furniture and accents are there!

Okay, pink is a lovely color. Although men might disagree that pink is a good color for furniture, women do. So, pink has been a favorite in furniture trends for some time now. Pink accents, consoles, stands, and book racks are refreshing in a living room. Besides, pink has always been a top choice for kids’ rooms. So, go for this color!

  • Geometric shapes are not over yet:

No one is getting over geometric shapes any time soon. These symmetrical designs give direction and style to your home. Therefore, you can go with geometric mirrors, asymmetrical rugs, and unique art pieces. Even a broken vase cannot go out of trend in the twenty-first century.

  • Furnishings featuring velvet and leather:

Most homeowners still favor both velvet and leather. It is their first pick when it comes to the fabric material. So, opt for velvet sofa upholstery if that’s what you love in home furnishing. In the same way, leather material can still make a massive statement in your living room and study area.

  • Highly modern pieces that are not just furniture:

Nowadays, the best part about furniture is that it is not furniture only. The innovations have made it much more interesting than ever. Coffee tables with storage, electronic recliners for stretching, and foldable couches are the perfect trends with benefits. Wooden pieces these days not only fill the space but also serve more.

  • Customization is always an option:

Indeed, the choices are endless, and the customization option makes it even more open. So, you can always go for customization no matter what the trends and designs are selling. Your furniture must dictate your personality and style.

Summing up:

Well, the choices are more with every passing day, but some furniture trends are here to stay. If modern wooden designs are what you are looking for, explore the list of nine ongoing furniture trends. You can choose old rustic oak wood pieces or leather couches. In addition, curved chairs, bold colors, and high headboards are the best-sellers. So, choose any style or customize your furniture.


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