10 Tips: How to Enjoy a Safe Family Road Trip in Europe

10 Tips: How to Enjoy a Safe Family Road Trip in Europe

Europe is a continent with diverse cultures, languages, and customs. It also offers some of the most scenic countrysides in the world. This means that it’s one of the best places to take your family on vacation! However, there are certain things you should keep in mind when traveling around Europe with kids so that you can enjoy this amazing experience without worrying about safety issues. Here are 10 tips for how to enjoy safe family travel in Europe.

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How to Enjoy a Safe Family Road Trip

Research Destination Countries Before Going There

The first thing you need to do is research your destination countries before going there. Check the current travel warnings and alerts from various sources, such as the US State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security Services or other official government organizations that provide travel warnings.

Type of Car

Another thing to consider is the type of car you choose to take on your road trip. If you’re going with a rental, make sure it is spacious and comfortable enough for everyone – plus there should be plenty of space in the trunk or backseat to store items like luggage and shopping bags from all European shops!

One more thing: Keep in mind that European car rentals come with a different set of rules and regulations than what you’re used to. 

Review Your Route Beforehand and Don’t Forget Your GPS

Check your route before you leave to make sure there aren’t any road closures and don’t forget a GPS with you. If you’re not confident behind the wheel in a different country, it is best to hire a car with GPS so that there are no mishaps along the way.

Another great tip is also making sure your phone works for navigation purposes! If you are relying on your phone for navigation, make sure you check that it will work in Europe.

Think about Fuel

The next thing to do is look into where you can fill up along the way. It might be hard finding petrol stations when driving through remote areas so an alternative could be to take a fully-loaded petrol can with you. 

Pack a Cooler with Drinks and Healthy Snacks

Drinks and snacks are expensive on the road, so plan by packing your cooler. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—just a couple of ice packs and some food for everyone in your party should do it! You may not want to pack meats or cheeses because they’ll spoil quickly unless you can keep them cool enough.

Fruits are great snacks and can be healthy, too. You’ll save a fortune by packing items like granola bars and fruit rather than buying them at gas stations or rest stops along the way.

Medicine/Health Items to Pack on a Road Trip

The first thing to consider is what types of medicine and health items you want to bring with you on your road trip. It’s a good idea to include any prescriptions that might be needed, as well as basic over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or antihistamines for allergy relief. 

You should also think about any special medical needs that may be necessary to bring with you on your trip. If anyone in the family has dietary restrictions, medical conditions that require regular testing or medication, or any other special considerations you’ll need to pack for those as well.

Plan for Some Stops Along the Way

Be specific about what you want to accomplish when it comes to stops. You can plan for sightseeing, food and water breaks, or overnight stays if needed. 

  • Sightseeing stops

If you want to make sightseeing stops, it is best if they are preplanned. You should also be flexible and allow for last-minute detours in case something interesting comes up on the way. Make sure you know where your kids can play safely while waiting (indoor or outdoor areas). It might not be a good idea to let them out of the car when you are in an unfamiliar area.

  • Food and water stops

If you want to make food or drink stops, it is best if they are planned as well. You should be aware that sanitary conditions might not always meet your standards. You should also be aware of the opening and closing times for shops and restaurants (or any other places you might want to visit).

  • Overnight stops

If you need overnight stays, it is best to plan them. Make sure you know about the availability of rooms or camping spots where your family will feel comfortable.

Make Special Requests Before You Get There

If you know the types of food, entertainment, and activities that your child loves to do before you get there, it will be easier for everyone. This way, if one restaurant is crowded with no room for a high chair or another place looks too dull without an activity center then it’s possible to change plans accordingly.

Coronavirus Safety Measures When Traveling Via Car

Coronavirus is the main virus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The coronavirus can be transmitted via droplets from sneezing and coughing. One should wear a mask when traveling if there are any active cases of MERS in your destination country or region, as well as practice general hygiene measures such as hand-washing.

Find Entertainment Where You Can Get It

There are amazing things to see all over the world, but sometimes you have to make your fun. This means bringing along toys or other distractions that will keep kids busy for hours at a time–and hopefully quiet too! Pack activities like coloring books and crayons, small cars or dolls, board games (a deck of cards can be a lifesaver on long drives), and even small electronics like iPhones or tablets. If you are traveling with a baby, bring extra diapers, wipes, pacifiers (if they are used to them), toys that make noise, etc.


A safe family journey in Europe is possible and achievable with a little bit of preparation and the right attitude. Just follow tips to have a road trip and you will remember it for years.

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