19 Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting an E-Business

19 Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting an E-Business

Have you heard the staggering statistic that there are more than 30 million small enterprises in the United States alone?

Owners of tiny businesses must find a way to distinguish themselves in the face of such a large number. Building a company usually involves a search for competitive advantages. It would help if you had a solid marketing plan and access to cutting-edge digital advertising platforms to succeed.

This article will discuss 19 Online Marketing Resources that every new firm should have at its disposal. There are some marketing strategies here that you may already be using, and there are some that you may not have heard of before.

Each of these resources will aid in your pursuit of competitive advantage, whether through streamlining your social media marketing, project management, or connecting you with freelancers.

You can use any of these 19 online marketing tools to get your company off the ground as a business owner.

The following are some of the more helpful web marketing tools that will make it simpler to launch a company.

1.      HubSpot

HubSpot has quickly risen to prominence as a leader in the realm of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Let’s narrow our attention to its marketing software offerings for this post. What the company says about this digital marketing tool:

HubSpot unifies the whole marketing process, from generating leads to converting them into paying customers.

You know how crucial it is to have a well-oiled marketing machine. The features of this program allow:

  • blogging
  • SEO
  • social media
  • website
  • Websites that serve as landing spots
  • calls-to-action
  • automation in advertising
  • email
  • analytics
  • command the upper echelons of administration

For this reason, many new business owners choose HubSpot’s all-inclusive marketing software.

A centralized location for all your needs means less time spent tugging in multiple directions. This foundation will set you up for early success and serve you well as you go further.

2.      MobileMonkey

If you want to automate your chats with customers and have them speak with you, MobileMonkey is a must-have.

Any company would be foolish not to implement client chat, given that 75% of customers prefer this method of communication over email or phone.

The fact that MobileMonkey integrates with all of your clients’ preferred messaging channels, such as:

  • Private Messages on Instagram
  • Messenger on Facebook
  • Transmission of Short Message Service
  • Real-time chit-chat

MobileMonkey is an all-in-one solution for your customer service communication needs. From Facebook Messenger advertising to Instagram marketing solutions, MobileMonkey has you covered.

In addition to centralizing all your messaging inboxes in MobileMonkey, you can easily automate your responses, lead data collection, and lead distribution to other marketing tools.

3.      MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing providers and digital marketing solutions thanks to its massive user base of over 12 million.

There are other options, but this is still an excellent tool for many reasons.

  • A history stretching back to 2001, when email marketing was still in its infancy and not widely used by businesses
  • Access to self-help resources that can answer any query whenever it arises

Anyone with less than 2,000 subscribers and a monthly email volume of fewer than 12 thousand messages is eligible for the free plan.

You will unlikely have more than 2,000 members when you first launch your firm. As a result, you may test the waters of email marketing using MailChimp’s free version before upgrading to a paid plan as your business grows.

4.      Hootsuite

Social media is crucial to success regardless of a company’s age, size, or industry. If you want to succeed in the modern digital era, social media marketing is a need, in my opinion.

You can save time by using digital marketing tools like Hootsuite to plan your social media posts.

Hootsuite has many helpful tools that can be used to expand your company. As an illustration:

  • Locate key opinion leaders and potential customers to pass along to sales.
  • Make use of canned explanations
  • Interact with comments and mentions without leaving the dashboard.

It’s best to schedule your articles for when your audience is online (even if you can’t be there to see them).

Using Hootsuite and other automation tools, social media marketing is simpler. More than 30 social media networks may be managed and scheduled with this one convenient app.

Take it easy and let Hootsuite handle your social media marketing. Try to picture performing this manually, without any kind of centralized dashboard. Even the most seasoned business owner would become frustrated under these circumstances, much less a novice one.

5.      All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack plugin is a must-have if you use WordPress as your content management system (CMS).

Search engine optimization (SEO) should form the backbone of your online advertising strategy, as it will help you make educated choices about the nature of your content and its potential visibility in search engines.

The plugin’s top features include:

  • URL redirection technology with canonicalization improvements
  • Notifies Google and Bing of any updates to your site automatically
  • Synthesis of META tags mechanically
  • Compatibility with XML Sitemaps
  • Substitutable with a wide variety of other plugins

All of these capabilities are great, but this plugin is one of the most downloaded WordPress add-ons because it is so simple to operate.

There aren’t a lot of choices to be made before you can begin. You can get assistance if you are unsure what steps to take.

More than one million copies of the All in One SEO Pack plugin are now in use. It won’t take long before you see rivals using the same digital marketing strategy, but there’s a good reason.

It’s easy to implement, doesn’t cost anything, and has undeniable outcomes. It’ll be great for your website’s search engine optimization, which every startup needs.

  1. Google Analytics

Digital marketing strategies nowadays should incorporate Google Analytics from the get-go, as it is one of the best free tools the search giant offers. I think it’s one of the most effective online marketing strategies now available.

Google Analytics can be integrated into your site in minutes, allowing you to monitor your audience’s every move.

Many people dismiss this as little more than a traffic tool, but with some expertise, it may significantly impact your marketing approach.

Consider the possibility of tracking the origins of your website’s visitors, for instance:

  • You may have found that a specific social media campaign generates significant interest in your website. You can modify your future actions in light of this information and hope for the same outcomes.
  • Or perhaps you discover that a particular group of keywords is incredibly fruitful regarding organic visits to your site. This time, you can focus on the keywords and ensure they’re included in any future material you produce.

It would help if you didn’t treat Google Analytics like any other optional digital marketing tool. Beneficial information can be gathered. Including this in your digital marketing plan from the get-go is a crucial move.

7.      KISSmetrics

In the early stages of your company, it is wise to focus on digital marketing. To what extent do you want your choices to go unnoticed?

To zero in on the strategies that yield the highest return, you must meticulously record and analyze your actions (ROI).

Through KISSmetrics, you can quickly assess the success or failure of each of your marketing initiatives.

Consider, for instance, its Analytics offerings. A funnel report will reveal any “leaks” in your company’s operations. Here’s a preview of the upcoming features:

KISSmetrics isn’t the most affordable digital marketing tool on this list, with monthly plans starting at $120. Still, it’s an issue worth considering as you launch your company.

Access to a wide range of items will allow you to gain vital insights that will aid in developing your business.

8.      Followerwonk

Is social media marketing going to be a significant focus for you?

Engaging your audience in this way and driving traffic to your website is a win-win if you have a strategy to make it happen.

Followerwonk is a tool that can help you analyze the data from your Twitter account to better your social media marketing approach.

This digital marketing tool cut for two reasons: its simplicity and its efficiency.

The services provided by Followerwonk can be divided into three groups:


  • Discover: You can use this instrument to look up user information on Twitter and evaluate the various profiles.
  • Examine: Sort your following list in many ways (bio, location, who they follow, etc.).
  • Optimize: adjust your approach based on the number of new and lost followers to see what works best for your audience and your profile.

The only drawback of using Followerwonk is that it only works with Twitter and no other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. With that said, Twitter is a powerful digital marketing tool that should be used frequently if you intend to make an impact.

It’s not something you’d need every day, but it can be helpful to occasionally. Ultimately, you must know who you’re talking to.

9.      Trello

If you want to save time and avoid irritation in your digital marketing efforts, using Trello, a platform designed specifically for this purpose, will help you organize projects and keep everyone on the same page.

A blog post, for instance, can be discussed on Trello before it’s even published. The other team members can review the post, share their opinions, and suggest improvements before it goes public.

Before Trello and other comparable apps existed, email was the primary means of team communication. While this is useful, it can cause particular problems such as misunderstandings, missed communications, and aggravation.

Using Trello, you can centralize all of your digital marketing documentation. Putting together a board is a simple process that requires little time. To top it all off, you may speedily invite your entire team, and they can all begin participating immediately.


In the realm of digital marketing tools, Trello is certainly not alone but is among the most effective. In terms of working together on marketing projects, this tool is unrivaled.

10. BuzzSumo

If you want to know more about your market, you need BuzzSumo.

It’s safe to assume that when you launch a company, you’ve done your research on your industry and main rivals. However, the more you look, the more information you’ll find that can be used to your benefit.

You don’t need any other digital marketing tool by your side if you want to understand your competitors better or if you want to learn what type of content performs best with search engines and your audience.

11. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a must-have when it comes to digital marketing software. An electronic signature service hosted in the cloud facilitates the elimination of paper and its associated costs and time savings, as well as the acquisition of signatures through a fully automated process. The entire procedure may be handled from a computer or mobile device, from sending documents to signing them.

Integrations exist to maintain track of the documents you’ve signed in case you misplace any required paperwork.

Many companies would benefit greatly from this relatively straightforward technology. As the number of remote workers grows, some may lack essential office equipment like printers and scanners. This causes bottlenecks in the workflow and can irritate clients if you cannot fulfill their requests immediately.

Adobe Sign may be used on any device, anywhere. People can sign on their mobile device with their fingertip while in the automobile on the way to a meeting. You don’t

  1. Crazy Egg

You often wonder, “What am I doing well, and what am I doing wrong with my website?”

Here is when the help of Crazy Egg would come in handy.

Two elements are crucial:

  • If you want to improve your website’s conversion rates, you can use Crazy Egg.
  • Get started with little to no assistance from the information technology department.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence in split testing. Startup owners would rather not waste time troubleshooting IT problems. Except Crazy Egg, of course.

There are several useful options available in the tool.

  • Reporting And Analysis
  • Studying And Hearing From The Public
  • Frameworks And Synchronizations
  • Mouse Tracking And Heat Maps
  • Customization And Focusing In On Certain Individuals

To increase sales and leads from your website, you need to utilize Crazy Egg, a program that helps you learn what your visitors enjoy and don’t like. You won’t understand the full extent of its usefulness as a digital marketing tool unless you use it.

13. CoFoundersLab

For small firms that are expanding but could use some assistance, CoFoundersLab is an excellent digital marketing tool. This AI-powered tool can assist in the search for a co-founder, additional team member, or trusted adviser according to specified parameters.

Using the best digital marketing tools can save you time and effort. CoFoundersLab’s goal is to facilitate the growth of a community of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and advisors who can help you locate the resources you need, no matter where your company is in its development.

Instead of putting up ads on job sites, interviewing candidates, and then onboarding them, you can just search for people with the skills you need and discover them immediately. Just enter your requirements for an SEO content author, and you’ll be in touch with someone directly.

CoFoundersLab is comparable to other freelancing sites, but what sets it apart is its ability to help you discover a peer with similar skills. This could be the place to find a partner willing to invest in your business or who will at least provide you with moral and emotional support while you build your company.

Have to print anything out or send a fax or scan. It’s digital only, so everything is safe and sound.

14. DropBox

DropBox is a crucial part of any up-to-date digital enterprise. All the moving parts of your company can be housed in one convenient location.

A well-organized business is a key to success; in this day and age, merely downloading and sharing files won’t cut it. You can’t have everyone working from home download sensitive company files onto their laptops, where they can be lost or misused.


DropBox, an utterly cloud-based document sharing software, prevents this by letting you define permission levels so that only the appropriate persons can access the data.

DropBox is a cloud storage and file sharing service that integrates with other applications such as Slack and Zoom. All firm records are kept in one central location for maximum efficiency, security, and transparency.

Suppose you’re still keeping track of documents and file sharing in your business by manually downloading files to your computer, attaching them to emails, and sending them off into space. In that case, you’ll discover that DropBox is a far more efficient and secure option.

15. Toggl

Toggl is a valuable connector for all of these digital marketing apps. Keeping track of the time, it takes to complete tasks, communicate with contractors, and distribute files is essential.

This program can do so by keeping tabs on how much time is spent on a project and producing relevant reports. Using Toggl, you can estimate how long a task or project will take and how many resources you will need to dedicate to it in the future.

Toggl is a one-stop shop for enterprises managing a distributed team, with features including time tracking, project planning, and candidate screening.


16. Gmail

What I would do without the entire Gmail suite is beyond me. There was a time when we would write documents on the Word platform, save them on our computers, and then transmit them as attachments to emails.

The document would then be forwarded to the subsequent recipient, who would make any necessary changes and mark the document up before sending it back.

Google Docs and Sheets allow users to collaborate on documents in real time, including real-time markup, so everyone can see each other’s changes as they’re made. You can get answers to your queries about the reasoning behind a difference by using the chat function or the suggestion section.

You’ll also feel safe and protected here. Access to documents can be restricted to “see” or “edit,” giving you fine-grained control over who sees and can make changes. To prevent someone from making changes to a document you’ve sent them as a reference, you can use the G Suite to create a copy before sending it to them.

In addition, your Google Calendar will be updated automatically. When planning a call by email, it’s easy to immediately add it to your calendar and get reminders on your phone, tablet, and computer.

17. ODeskWork

To find a reliable freelancer or online helper for your company, use oDeskWork. Any company will eventually have to begin looking for new employees. You can’t do it all by yourself; therefore, having a team around you is essential for success in any business.

This is where oDeskWork and other digital marketing platforms come in handy. You can post work you need to do right now, read profiles of possible workers, and start a conversation with those who catch your eye.


You can rest assured that you’ll receive the promised services because this platform offers payment protection. The freelancer won’t get paid until you’re delighted with their job.

Freelancers and professionals in fields as varied as digital marketing, virtual assistance, transcription, proofreading, writing, editing, search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress, and more may be found on oDeskWork.

18. OmniFocus

You can keep track of everything you need to do in your business with the help of OmniFocus, a task management program. Your computer’s web browser or mobile device can be your one-stop-shop for staying abreast of current events.

You may plan your week in the most efficient way possible by labeling tasks, delegating them to the appropriate person, and setting deadlines. As tasks come in, they can be trusted to support staff, who will see them through to completion.

OmniFocus’ forecast tool is one of my favorites since it gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything you have coming up in the future, from daily to-dos to quarterly to annual to-dos and beyond. This guarantees that no details will be forgotten.

One major drawback is that this app is currently only compatible with Apple devices. All you Windows and Android users will have to find an alternative, such as Trello or ClickUp, for the time being.

19. Zoom

The most effective digital marketing platforms serve as unifying forces for firms. We’re familiar with Zoom because it’s the go-to platform for global video conferences. Zoom allows us to stay in touch despite our varied remote work circumstances. The

You can collaborate with others by showing them what you see on your screen, writing or drawing on it, recording the session, and inviting others to participate. With Zoom, you can hold a free video conference with as many as 100 people, lasting up to 40 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which online marketing platforms are the most effective?

In terms of digital marketing tools, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Ubersuggest are the best of the bunch in terms of both price and utility.

Both Google Analytics and the Google Apps suite are available at no cost (or at a low cost) and provide access to a wealth of important information. Some tools, like Ubersuggest and MailChimp, even offer free tiers that supply you with all the data you need to expand your business.

To what extent can I expand my company’s reach without investing in digital marketing tools?

Your marketing stack should include Google Analytics, MailChimp for email marketing, and Ubersuggest for all-in-one SEO, among other tools.

How can I determine which digital marketing platform suits my company’s needs?

Think about the places you spend the most time and the difficulties you encounter there. Search for a program that can schedule posts and monitor mentions, for instance, if keeping up with social media monitoring is difficult for you. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify your weak spots and seek appropriate solutions.

Finally, look at the ratings to determine which service provides the best quality and cost for your company’s needs.


Although launching or expanding a company can be challenging, it need not be insurmountable.

You first need to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes tactics like social media advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, and the regular publication of high-quality content specifically tailored to your target demographic’s interests.

Using the appropriate digital marketing tools at the correct times is essential to the success of any business. I hope you succeed in your digital marketing endeavors with the help of the items on this list.


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