2 Patio Mats to Consider for Your RV’s Outdoor Space

When you have your RV or motorhome perfectly set up and furnished to the nine, the emotions you feel are unparalleled. You feel at home and comfortable in your mobile abode and cannot wait to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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However, when you do, you know all too well what might happen at your gathering: there will be a mess. One of the biggest messes that could lead to potentially irreparable staining, though, is what everyone drags into your comfy home on their feet.

That’s why having patio mats available and ready to go is a key ingredient to lessening the mess and increasing the enjoyment of any gatherings at your home. Plus, even when you don’t have anyone else visiting, you can also keep unwanted dirt, mud, and other materials out of your home while also preserving the great outdoors.

You can place patio mats right outside and under your awning in order to keep dirt and mud out of the indoor and outdoor “hangout” spaces completely while also furthering the comfortability of specifically the outdoor space.

But which mats are the best for you and your mobile home? Let’s look at two of the most popular options from RVupgrades, the most reputable RV and mobile home accessories and parts company.

1. Prest-O-Fit RV Patio Mat
This brown mat is bound to impress and function appropriately for what you need– and more. It’s 8’ x 20’, which is one of the most ideal sizes for these mats, as it fits perfectly under nearly any awning, as the average awning is eight feet in width.

This weather-resistant turf mat is easy to clean and easy to roll out and roll back in. This is because it is lightweight. Plus, it has rust-free aluminum grommets for seamless stakedown. Are you worried that it may start fraying over time? Well, your mind can rest easy with this patio mat, as this one has all of its corners reinforced to disallow that from happening.

If you are looking for different sizes or colors for this specific mat, you can also find other options. The company also makes green patio mats and stone gray mats. These options have the same specs but also come in more sizes. The green comes in 8’ x 20’ and 6’ x 9’. The stone gray mat comes in the same, but also 6’ x 15’.

2. Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave Seascape Mat
Are you looking for a patio mat that has more of a pattern and not so much of a solid color? Then the seascape mat might just be what you’re looking for. “Breathability” was the main driving force behind this mat’s design and creation. It can breathe, which allows it to dry quickly while also not destroying the grass beneath it.

It doesn’t destroy the grass because not only does it allow air through, but it also can be easily permeated by sunlight. However, it is also UV protected so it doesn’t get damaged or fade over time. On top of that, it can be easily cleaned, set up, and put away.

Plus, every corner is reinforced with brass grommets in order to stay conveniently and efficiently in place. It comes in two sizes to best cater to you, your RV, and your outdoor space: 7 ½’ x 20’ and 6’ x 15’.

Are you ready to perfectly adorn your RV outdoor space with one or even two patio mats? Browse through their RV mat options and the many offerings that RVupgrades has available for you. Give them a call at 866-332-7881 to ask them any questions you may have.

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