3 Fujikura Shafts That Define the Brand

Innovation is in Fujikura’s DNA. For years, Fujikura has produced some of the most highly acclaimed and extensively tested shafts in the sport, and with every year, they make small continuous ongoing improvements. This isn’t necessarily an industry where you’d expect to hear the term Kaizen, a Japanese principle associated with a commitment to ongoing improvements; but it applies perfectly.

The following are three of the top Fujikura shafts that define the brand’s commitment to producing the “world’s best performing golf shafts.” Performance, integrity, and innovation are at the heart of their success.

Fujikura Ventus HB
The Ventus HB is a hybrid Fujikura shaft that was developed to maximize versatility while continuing to offer a high degree of forgiveness. The Ventus HB is a remarkably stable, yet forgiving and powerful hybrid shaft with a low torque rating and an extremely stiff tip.

The low torque and extremely stiff tip of the Fujikura Ventus HB shafts help to stabilize the shaft through the swing and at the moment of impact, improving MOI. These features result in Ventus shafts that can potentially improve accuracy and distance.

The Ventus HB is available in two models – the Hybrid Blue, with delivering mid-launch and low-mid spin, and the Hybrid Black, offering low launch and low spin. At the heart of both of these models is Fujikura’s VeloCore technology, a multi-material composite that significantly improves stability.

Speeder Evolution VII
Like the Ventus HB, the Speeder Evolution VII is about performance. The Fujikura shafts in this line are made from Pitch 70 Ton woven carbon fiber, constituting a unique matrix for exceptional strength and performance.

The carbon fibers are laid in a multi-hoop plied structure, with internal and external hoop layers that improve strength and stability while preventing ovalization (a process by which the weave opens and weakens).

This exceptionally strong carbon fiber matrix, which also features metal composite technology for extra strength and energy-loading capabilities, helps to stabilize the shaft through the swing and, critically, at and through the point of impact. This improves and maintains ball speed and allows for a higher launch.

Motore X
To steal a phrase from Fujikura, a club with a Motore X shaft doesn’t just increase speed – it multiplies it. Certain key features of the Motore X line engender these traits of high performance.

The Motore X shafts are made with 40 Ton carbon fiber that has a low resin content (LRC). The low resin content lightens the shafts and the high-modulus graphite reduces twisting but greater stability and better control of the shaft. The low resin content fiber also enables a greater density of fibers in the same diameter shaft, instilling exceptional strength and enabling stiffer ratings.

These shafts are made even more lightweight through their Phantum Finish, a unique, proprietary clear coat that finishes the shafts while lightening them even further.

These Fujikura shafts feature impressive torsional strength and stability and high stiffness ratings, especially through the tip section. The unique design results in greater stability of the clubhead and better energy transfer, which enables higher speeds, greater ranges, and better shot control for improved accuracy.

Where Can I Get These Fujikura Shafts?
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If you have questions about these or any of the other driver shafts that they sell, you can also contact their customer service team directly at 800-955-9550 and they’ll be more than happy to help you make a well-informed decision.

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