4 Fun Crafts to Do with Recycled Cardstock Paper

Cardstock paper is one of the most popular paper options for a variety of reasons. It’s sturdy, versatile, and comes in a host of colors. These pieces of paper could even be of different finishes, such as matte, glitter, or other styles.

One type of paper that is becoming more popular and sought after is recycled paper t. Recycled cardstock paper is a great option for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative. Craft enthusiasts are increasingly giving this type of paper more notice because it is far better for the environment, and often has a more natural look, which is also trending.

These pieces of paper are ideal for various crafts. Here is a list of four crafts that are perfect and fun to do with recycled cardstock paper.

1. Recycled Paper Basket Weaving
You could make something that is both adorable and practical with this type of paper: paper baskets! These small crafts require little paper, materials, and effort. All you would need to do is cut the paper into strips of a desired width , then carefully weave these strips together and glue to a paper backing or edging..

You can weave a flat basket as shown here, or you can weave in an upwards direction in order to create a 3D paper basket. You can use this basket to stylishly hold and display small and lightweight objects such as pens, pencils, fake flowers, and so much more!

2. Gift Bags
Another stunning and useful craft you can easily create are paper gift bags. After cutting this paper into the desired size, just score to create fold lines where you want to fold the paper, overlapping the seams, then fold and glue seams together. You can make a scallop top and seasonal gift tag and ribbon as additional decor. Fill with crinkle paper for a great presentation! Check out our Mini Autumn Gift Bag blog for a detailed how-to ,

3. Scrapbooking
You could also use the unique textures, fibers, and colors of recycled paper to spice up your scrapbooking hobby. This paper could be perfect for adding extra background behind your photos to make them pop, as well as adding texture or different colorful elements to each page. The layout pictured is using recycled paper for the background as well as the die-cut elements. Beautiful!

4. Greeting Cards
.One of the most classic crafts to make with any paper, but especially cardstock paper, is greeting cards. This is because cardstock paper is extremely durable, colorful, and easy to work with. Gifting a handmade greeting card not only conveys your personal sentiments, but also gifts your time and talent, and is always doubly appreciated.

You can use this recycled paper as the sole card base and print your design, oradd different layers, objects, textures, and other components to any card you are making!

These are only four fun crafts nearly anyone can make with recycled cardstock paper. Check out the Cardstock Warehouse Blog for the how-tos on the projects shown above and more! For the best cardstock paper and other materials, look no further than Cardstock Warehouse. They are experts in paper and in papercrafts! Be sure to call them at 610-882-2071 to get any and all of your questions on paper answered.

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