4 Things To Keep In Mind When Opting For Modular Kitchen Designs L Shaped

Modular kitchens are quite popular, especially in urban cities where people live in comparatively compact spaces and need to utilise their kitchen space in the best manner possible. When it comes to choosing a kitchen design, you might get confused in the first place. Because there are, without any doubt, a lot of amazing kitchen designs in the market. However, modular kitchen designs l shaped are a great choice amongst most of the designs as this design is suitable for every kitchen size. Let’s dive deeper into the things you must keep in mind when opting for Modular kitchen designs l shaped.

The Golden Triangle Rule
As per this rule, slab, refrigerator and stove- all of them should be in proximity to each other and should not be installed at a gap more than four to nine feet. These three things must be placed strategically in a way that all this is easily reachable. Why? Because they run the kitchen and you go to these places the most in the kitchen. It was figured out that a triangle shape placement for all these would work the best.

Use Low-Maintenance Materials
If you have hired a person for modular kitchen designs l shaped, we would say that he will definitely use materials that are easy to maintain. For instance, using marble as countertops is the best, stainless steel sink, wood or glass cabinets. All this really helps in making your kitchen and your life easier to manage.

Choose Smart Storage Options
There are many factors that one should keep in mind when opting for a modular kitchen. You can compartmentalise the space for condiments, spices, and sauces, appliances, pots, utensils. You can literally do it all. You will be able to organise the kitchen in a better way. There would be a pull out pantry, standard pantry to store crockery or dry fruits in other spaces.

Keep a check on quality
When you are designing a modular kitchen, it is quintessential for you to check the quality of materials, hardware, and the finishes. If you really want the kitchen to stay as is for a year you would need to invest a little time and money in ensuring it will stand the test of time. If budget is becoming a constraint and holding you back from investing in top class materials then at least consider the ones that fit your budget or fall under or around it. You can also try sourcing places where you can get the materials at a cheaper rate but good quality. In case you would stick to brand names then due to the name they would cost you higher even with the same quality.

Na matter what you pick make sure you don’t forget to get a good chimney, windows and exhaust. Let us know if you have any questions pertaining to modular kitchen designs l shaped and share this with friends whom this can help.


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