5 Benefits of PHP Application Development for Businesses

5 Benefits of PHP Application Development for Businesses

The world of web development flows endlessly! If one thing shows up and you will find another vivid technological trend circulating around the corner. In fact, these technologies appear and change at such a fanatic pace that keeping up with them might be a difficult task but on and all, it indeed seems to be a doable job. However, the following post is not about the new and emerging trends, but it speaks a lot about one of the leading and most-promising trends, i.e. PHP development in the web development space and how it is beneficial for businesses in the long run. 

Everything to Know About PHP Development

You see the path to succeeding might seem way different, especially within tech and internet startups, however, the basic skills required to become one are the same as ever. In fact, PHP’s been condemned to death more than once & managed to come back stronger than before. Well, don’t get me wrong I am not a PHP advocate or evangelist here but yes, one thing is for sure today, with PHP, anything is possible. 

In fact, you won’t believe that several times technology has been outclassed by newer PHP alternatives such as JavaScript and Python, however, this one still manages to stay strong and grow with each passing day not just to survive but succeed in the league. Now you must be thinking about why PHP has become a common name in today’s programming landscape.  

Well, one of the obvious reasons here is that the technology is quite popular and used across the globe. Originally, it was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 just to preserve the personal homepage of his website. The ultimate purpose of development is to provide easy and simple ways to web programmers to develop a website and related applications. Also, you will find several PHP-based frameworks available such as Laravel, Codeigniter, Cakephp, Symfony, Aura, Zend, Lette, FuelPhp, PHPixie, and so forth. 

Now, what exactly is PHP? Hypertext PreProcessor is one of the best server-side scripting languages. In fact, this is one of the leading web technologies that power a plethora of websites. In the end, they create feature-rich web pages and database-driven sales.

Some of the most intimidating features of PHP include:

  • Open source 

One of the best and most promising features of PHP is open source. PHP is a free language that can seamlessly be edited by any developer and rectified by any programmer. It may quite interest you to know that the PHP code is available for free and experts can seamlessly create different software solutions depending on your needs and requirements and in a very cost-effective manner. 

  • Simplicity

Another crucial feature that makes PHP development a cut above is its high-end simplicity. The technology seems to be pretty well-organized and easy to learn. No matter whether you are five-year experienced or 1 year experienced, PHP makes it easy and a seamless job. In fact, PHP turns out to be one of the most well-organized programming languages. Not to mention, the technology comprises lots and lots of pre-defined functions. Also, by using the technology, PHP is extremely easy to optimize.   

  • High-end Flexibility

Another interesting feature to take into account is high-end flexibility. Did you know that PHP is one such technology that can run on any device whether it’s a mobile or a tablet or laptop or PC? Yes, that’s absolutely true! In fact, it is highly compatible with numerous databases. Also, embedding with  HTML, XML, and JavaScript and servers such as Apache, and IIS is possible here.  

  • Highly Security

With cyber threats happening day in and day out! It has become mandatory for more and more businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical. In fact, most of the time businesses, especially non-techies tend to use third-party applications for security. PHP turns out to be the best when it comes to high-end security and flexibility. Here there is a high possibility for writing CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) programs, Sha1 ( Secure Hash Algorithm 1) and MD5(Message Digest 5), and Filter_var and strip_tags functions also ensure secure and safe environment software for end users. 

  • High-end Performance

The next intimidating feature to take into consideration in PHP is high-end performance. Users can see that web pages are being loaded at a seamless and faster pace. And maybe that’s the reason why end users are totally in love with the technology. Technically speaking, PHP’s code tends to run pretty fast in comparison to most of the programming languages, do you know why? Simple, it runs in its own memory space. PHP is pretty fast and efficient. 

  • Platform Independent

As mentioned earlier, PHP can seamlessly run on any device as well as operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, RISC OS, and Unix. So it is extremely possible to connect with a wide range of databases and turns out to be highly compatible with a wide range of web servers Apache, IIS, and others. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it really popular among its users as it saves a lot of time and energy.

  • Error Reporting 

Apart from being platform independent, PHP development is one such technology that offers real-time information regarding user access. In fact, here you get a secured user management system that highly prevents unrestricted access. Apart from real-time information, PHP supports error handling and to be precise, there are 16 levels of error in PHP5 and is way easy with error_reporting(). 

  • Active Community Support

Last but certainly not least is that PHP offers active community support. Yes, Being an immensely popular and most promising technology, this one has strong, large and active community support. Yes, no two ways about it! In fact, the community doesn’t comprise budding developers but even veterans who have already contributed in regards to several features and versions of PHP libraries. Also, there are a wide range of third-party open-source libraries which are available in the public domain to conduct both easy and complex operations.  

No wonder some of the most branded websites are being created using PHP development such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, Tumblr, Etsy, MailChimp, WordPress and so forth. 

Further, I would like to mention some of the crucial reasons why PHP application development is the best option to consider from a business point of view. 

Benefits of PHP Application Development for Businesses

PHP is not just any other language, it makes it way easier to scale systems and PHP frameworks are better at securing a web application from common security threats. On and all, this ensures minimal coding and offers maximum impact. Now I would like to mention how developing a PHP application can benefit your business. 

#1 Cost-effective Solution

Since PHP is open source and free, the end solution will turn out to be quite cost-effective. Yes, you read it right! Since here, there is no scope for  

Licensing fees or additional costs. Of course, there are lots and lots of businesses that are striving hard for developing a comprehensive website, in regards to costs, time and energy. In fact, apart from cost, lots and lots of opportunities can be created under the hood. 

#2 PHP Development Never Restricts You From Innovating!   

The next benefit offered by PHP is that it doesn’t restrict you. This is one such technology that supports development teams irrespective of their size and expertise in writing code with an immense amount of flexibility. As mentioned earlier, PHP supports all major operating systems and devices, so you see you don’t have to worry much about all these aspects. In fact, PHP development is the only way through which you can create solutions that are seamless, flawless, innovative and amazing. So if you see it from the business point of view, you do require something that assists you in becoming a cut above. 

#3 Safety and Security

Another crucial benefit that businesses must take into account is safety and security. With security breaches happening day in and day out, businesses have become way more concerned and well-aware than before. Now if you are using PHP, security is not a major concern. Do you know why exactly? It offers amazing security measures that turn out to be effective and end up keeping your website safe from potential hackers. Unlike PHP, when working with other frameworks there is a fair chance for you to spend lots and lots of money on security and safeguarding your website from malicious activities.  

#4 Scalability

Another crucial aspect to consider is high-end scalability. Today, apart from security, performance, flexibility and scalability are highly taken into consideration especially when it comes to creating a strong online presence. Now when you commence a business, I am pretty sure that you do it with the hope of better expansion in regards to both physically and digitally. Now once you are in the race, I am sure you will need more and more ways to manage your presence, especially in regards to warehouses, vehicles and so on. Now during such crucial times, what if your online presence doesn’t require much of your attention? It would be great, wouldn’t it? PHP takes care of everything and enables you to focus only on your core competencies.  

#5 You are in charge here! 

Being a non-techie, I have come across many of you who face such situations where they do end up choosing any random technology but once they choose they feel that things aren’t within their control. Well, with PHP things aren’t the same. Here coding is extremely easy and offers 24/7 real-time support. More and more businesses these days enjoy multitasking, easy modifications and customizations and that too without any extra costs. Not to mention, businesses do have complete control over their site. In addition, you can surely curtail the competition to a large extent.

Final Word

So that’s all for now! I can just go on and on when it comes to the benefits of PHP application development for businesses, however, since we have a short time here, I would simply like to end the following post on the note that, PHP does remain true to its dominance, popularity and of course, it cannot be overlooked. I hope now you will be able to understand why PHP is being popular and well-known across the globe. 

When dealing with any technology, there is no scope for any risks here. So doing things wrong or making random choices can surely affect the business negatively. I hope you did enjoy reading the post and if so, feel free to share it among your peers.   


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