5 Best Free Cloud Storage

Being an internet user of the 21st century means that our data should also be stored in the new normal ways of the cloud. Traditional hard drives and pen drives are old-school ways of storing data. Which not only have hassles of carrying storage devices as well are prone to corruption of data or damage to devices.
It’s time to change our ways from traditional to modern ways. And cloud storage is one of them. But before purchasing any cloud storage we suggest that you should use its free versions first. There are many cloud storage service providers.

While, when you store your data in cloud storage not only you don’t have to carry any devices as well as you can access your data 24×7 round the clock. With a click of a button, your precious gigantic data is always available for you. Just an internet connection is needed to access them. Which is available everywhere, almost in the world now.

There are many types of cloud storage available on the World Wide Web which are both paid and free. We will now state the 5 best free cloud storage services available on the World Wide Web to choose from according to your needs and usage:-

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is also known as the cloud computing model through which you store your data on the Internet. You can also refer to cloud storage as your vault in which you can store your all data. There are many cloud storage service providers that offer great security and features to their users some of which we have mentioned below.

5 Best Free Cloud Storage Service Providers

1) pCloud

pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use platform in which you can share and collaborate your files with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. It also has 10 GB storage and the best thing is that files are encrypted in high security. The files are filtered according to the file formats and the files also are arranged version-wise.

While reviewing these pCloud features and security we have also found that currently, the company is offering some discount offers to its users. By applying this pCloud discount code you too can get these offers.

So, that if a file has certain changes. You can view the previous versions as well. It has its plans that have divided based on consumer demand. Some of its best plans are the pCloud family discount and pCloud lifetime subscription deal.

2) Google Drive

In this list, Google Drive comes first as it is really organized and well maintained. It was designed by Google itself. The Google storage is provided 15 GB for free, and it can be increased to TB as well. Which is huge for storing online data.

The best thing about Google Drive is that you can sync your data in a wide range of devices from PC, mobile, tablet, etc. Google Drive also has integration with many apps and extensions as well. Which are easy to use and compatible with your Google Drive storage.

3) Sync

Sync.com is cloud storage available with a free plan providing 5 GB storage available. Sync allows sharing files to unregistered users as well. Unlimited data transfer is also available in paid plans as well. However, it is observed after uploading more than 40 GB of files speed reduces uploading. It has cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

4) Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best choices available for storing data. The platform has its software as well. It also offers sync safely across all devices.

It is good for individuals as well as for working as a team. The U. will also be very easy to use as well. However, Dropbox free storage is limited to 2 GB which can be increased by referrals and all to 10 GB.

Your file should also be less than 50 GB if you are taking a paid plan because it is a free plan. You won’t get only that much storage.

5) iCloud

iCloud is a service available by apple for its products. In windows also you can use the service. The free basic plan offers 5 GB of storage and if you upgrade to iCloud+ then storage increases and premium features are available.

However, it is not had any good features compared to other storage only data is secured in it. It’s recommended that it’s better to use it for your iOS devices only rather than on other platforms.

Final Conclusion!

We are at the ending section of this article now you can use any of the above-mentioned 5 best free cloud storage. They provide the best features, storage, and data security to their users. Also, these best free cloud storage provides the same features, storage capacity, data security, etc.


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