5 Factors to be Considered When Choosing the Best Samsung New Phone

5 Factors to be Considered When Choosing the Best Samsung New Phone

Over the last couple of decades, Samsung has successfully crafted a reputed legacy in the Indian market. The brand has maintained its ace status even while the market changed from analog mobiles to trendy smartphones. This shift made it possible for the brand to enhance its offerings for Indian users while simultaneously upholding its promise of quality assurance.

Since most of us are not unfamiliar with this formidable legacy, it is only natural for us to think of Samsung every time we think of upgrading our smartphones. However, while all models from the brand are equally worthy of one’s consideration, a few seminal things must be kept in mind when shortlisting the top candidates.

To help you select the best Samsung smartphone, we’ve listed a few factors that you should focus upon before locking in your choice.

  1.       Cost

While there may be a Samsung smartphone available in every price range, you need to ascertain how much you’re willing to spend on your next smartphone prior to shortlisting your favorite models. It is a no-brainer that the price of the device will vary according to its specifications.

The more advanced specifications you opt for, the more money you’re likely to spend. For instance, those looking for a device that delivers powerful performance within 15K can opt for the Samsung Galaxy A21s model. The Samsung A21s price makes it the perfect budget smartphone that packs elegance with formidable specifications.

  1.       Processing Power

Once you’ve distilled your rough budget for a new Samsung smartphone, you can concentrate on what kind of processing power is available within your selected price point. While you may feel confused about choosing between a device that runs on a Snapdragon processor and one that uses a MediaTek chipset, it is more important for you to focus on the clock speed of the processor.

Always remember that the speed of your smartphone will be determined by the clock speed of its processor. For instance, the Samsung A22 runs on an octa-core processor and boasts a clock speed of 2GHz. This makes it a great Samsung new phone launched in 2021.

  1.       RAM Capacity

While processing power is important in determining the speed of your new Samsung smartphone, its RAM capacity also has a significant bearing on the degree of seamlessness you can enjoy. You may already be aware of the fact that phones with higher RAM capacity are inevitably faster than ones sporting diminished RAM capacities.

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However, choosing a Samsung smartphone with 8GB RAM like the Galaxy M31 or Galaxy M31s models will invariably hike your budget. Instead of overstepping your budget in search of a lag-free user experience, opt for models like the Samsung A22 (6GB) or the Samsung Galaxy A21s (4GB). Each of these smartphones features a respectable RAM capacity and is available at a reasonable market price.  

  1.       Battery Power

You cannot possibly hope to buy a device from the Samsung new phone launch (2021) lineup without thinking about the battery backup each model has to offer. Another caveat to be considered when discussing battery life relates to your proposed usage patterns. This implies that your potential battery drain will be dependent on how you use your smartphone.

That is to say that your battery requirements as an avid gamer will be different from someone who uses a smartphone for casual browsing. To this end, both the Samsung A22 and Samsung Galaxy A21s models are good choices for intensive as well as casual users.

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Both these models operate on 5000mAh batteries that can easily fuel up to 16 hours of gaming and binge-watching sessions. Samsung’s proprietary fast charging feature is another added benefit with both models.

  1.       Camera

For all the shutterbugs out there, this factor will probably top the list of considerations when selecting a new Samsung smartphone. The good news is that Samsung tries to pack all its devices with good shooters that satiate the needs of the user, no matter the price range of the device. Following the recent market trend of using multiple camera setups, Samsung has also introduced triple and quad-camera arrangements in its latest models.

Most of its budget smartphones feature a 48MP primary shooter along with an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and two 2MP depth-sensing lenses. With impressive pixel density, autofocus speed and apertures lower than f/2.0, models like the Samsung Galaxy A21s and Samsung A22 are able to capture vividly detailed images even in low light settings.

However, if you want a Samsung smartphone will better camera specifications, you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy M31 model that comes with a 64MP primary camera and enhanced depth perception abilities.

The Samsung new phones launched in 2021 offer a variegated list of features. The Samsung A22 is definitely one of the best offerings from the brand under 20,000 INR. However, models launched last year are also equally appealing when one dwells into their specifications and features. Thus, while selecting a new Samsung smartphone, you must cognize your individual requirements and then find a model that effectively takes care of those needs.   

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