5 Legal Actions to Make After Being Involved in a Car Accident

5 Legal Actions to Make After Being Involved in a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may wonder about your legal options. At this point, you should be focusing on getting medical attention and recovering from the accident, but it’s important to know your rights to protect yourself. Here are some of the most common legal actions to make after being involved in a car accident:

1. File an insurance claim

After an accident, you need to file a claim with your insurance company. You can also check your policy to see what it covers. For example, if you’re riding a scooter or moped, you may need to file a separate claim with your insurance company if there’s damage to your vehicle. Even if it was the other driver’s fault and you weren’t injured, it’s still important to take this step to get reimbursed for any damages to your vehicle or medical bills. This will help protect your rights and ensure you receive benefits under your policy or through the other driver’s insurance company.


Check with your insurance company for instructions on how long after an accident they require you to file a claim; this varies from company to company but is typically within 60 days. The process can be complicated and confusing so if you’re unsure of what information you should provide or what steps to be taken next, it may be helpful to contact an attorney specializing in personal injury law. An attorney can help guide you through this process while also helping to ensure your rights are protected. Also, if you’re unsure whether your car is insured for physical damage, check your policy or call your insurance company.

2. Contact your attorney

If you are in Texas you want to look for someone in Houston, a truck accident lawyer before filing a claim with an insurance company or deciding what type of legal action you want to pursue against the person who hit you if injuries or property damage were involved in the crash. An attorney can explain your rights and options, help ensure all necessary paperwork is filed on time, handle negotiations between insurance companies and attorneys for both sides, and represent you during court proceedings if necessary. They Will help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries or property damage. Before contacting an attorney, however, make sure you have all the information they need to begin taking action on your behalf. This includes the names and addresses of all drivers involved in the accident (including yourself), the license plate numbers of any vehicles that were involved in the crash (including yours), the date and time of the crash, as well as its location and any witnesses who saw what happened.

3. Call the Police

If possible, call the police immediately after an accident. The officer who arrives will make an official police report of the incident and take statements from both drivers involved. Their statements will become part of the official record and are crucial evidence if you file a lawsuit against another driver later. You should also ask for copies of each police report when completed to have documentation in case there’s any doubt about who was at fault for causing the accident. This is generally a good practice if someone tries to deny responsibility for the accident later.

4. Gather evidence at the scene of the crash

You should take photos of any damage to your vehicle and any skid marks left behind by other cars involved in the collision. Make sure these photos are taken from different angles — front bumper view, side view, etc. — so that they clearly show all damage done to your vehicle after being involved in an accident. This will help with your insurance claim and build a strong case against other drivers who caused or contributed to the accident leading up to your crash.

5. Gather Your Witnesses

It’s always important to have witnesses at an accident scene because they can help paint a clear picture of what happened. In most cases, this means having other drivers who saw the whole thing happen or at least saw part of it happen. However, witnesses can include people who were passengers in the vehicle with you as well as bystanders who saw everything unfold from afar.


Accidents are scary but don’t panic too much just yet. Yes, there are many things to do and decisions to make, but you’ll get through it eventually by following the right procedure.


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