5 Signs You’re Ready to Get Engaged

5 Signs You’re Ready to Get Engaged

Taking your relationship to the next level is never a walk in the park. From friends to lovers and lovers to life partners, every transition requires significant time, effort, and resources. Even if you and your partner have been together for several years, it can be difficult to tell if it’s the right time to put engagement rings on. But that’s not exactly a bad thing, because committing yourself to someone is a life-changing decision. You should not feel guilty about spending lots of time thinking about it.


To help you make this big decision more easily, we’ve created a list of signs that definitely say you two are prepared to take the next step in your relationship.


  1. You complementnot completeeach other.

Choosing somebody who completes you is not the most practical decision, no matter how many love songs tell you to do it. Needing someone to complete you means that you still have many gaps and holes to fill. But your partner is not your therapist and it is not his/her obligation to fix you. Making yourself better is your own responsibility. Your partner’s job should be to love and assist you while you do that. 


If, on the other hand, you choose someone who complements you, you are picking someone who brings out the best in you. Your partner should be your #1 fan, but not your only supporter. Your future husband or bride deserves your full trust, but should not be the sole person you trust. Make sure that you have a strong network of support, and career or life  goals outside your romantic relationship. That way, you will avoid being overdependent on your partner.


  1. You are in each other’s future plans.

People enter relationships for various reasons. Some just want comfort or a temporary escape from life’s troubles. Others swear that they only date to marry. These reasons may change over time, as a person matures, or as a relationship withstands the test of a time. Whatever your reason for finding or staying in your current relationship, the important question is: what do you envision for yourself and your partner?


If your vision for the future does not include your partner, then it’s probably not the best time to make a lifelong commitment to each other. If you want your partner to still be part of your future, but you’re unsure about the role you want him/her to play, it just might be too early to be thinking about marriage. But if you both see each other buying your own house and raising a family together, then you can make that commitment official.


  1. You are ready for marriage, not just a wedding.

Preparing for a wedding is often more happy than stressful, but we can’t say the same for entering a marriage. Remember that after your last wedding guest leaves, you will be left with unfamiliar responsibilities as a newly married couple. That’s why you should be fully prepared for these new obligations. 


Being financially prepared is one of the most crucial preparations. Beyond having a budget for your wedding, you should have a plan for handling your finances as a couple. Discuss and set financial goals to avoid bitter arguments in the future which could destroy your relationship. 


  1. You communicate clearly and openly 

Couples who have been married for decades attest that clear and open communication is vital for a lasting relationship. Talking about your feelings is easy. Listening to your partner is normally more challenging, especially when you’re still hurting, or you two are in the middle of a fight. Even the happiest couples aren’t always happy. So, be prepared to argue (and reconcile) more frequently and readily than before.


Besides developing trust, openness also enhances comfortability. Check if you’re comfortable enough to cry, be silly, and to make mistakes in front of your partner. Conversely, check if your partner is willing to do all of these things in front of you. If you’ve reached that level of openness, you are probably equipped to deal with the challenges and awkward moments of being a married couple.


  1. You are sure you don’t want anyone else.

Are you willing to let go of the opportunity to go back to the arms of someone you used to love? Will you be alright not knowing how a relationship with a former fling or a crush could have been if you took a chance together? Does the idea of being with the same person for the rest of your life excite you more than it scares you?


If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you’re all set. Technically, anybody can be your future wife or husband. But you’ve finally found the one person you want to be by your side every day. Congratulations!


So, here’s a quick and easy checklist to know if you’re engagement-ready:

  • Complementing each other
  • Planning your future together
  • Getting ready for marriage
  • Communicating healthily
  • Being sure of each other


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