5 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Keto Diet

5 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Keto Diet

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Keeping your diet low in carbs is challenging for most people. However, the ketogenic diet is highly effective for weight loss and metabolic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet with low carbohydrate and little protein intake. Eating this way makes your body produce ketones as an alternative energy source instead of glucose because the body cannot simultaneously process fats and carbohydrates efficiently. This article covers the five essential things you need to know before going down this health diet line.

1. Assess Your Relationship with Fat

Understand that the keto diet involves lots of fat. The body needs healthy sources of fat to keep the cells and brain functioning. Healthy fats provide essential fatty acids and help you absorb vitamins A, D, E, K, and carotenoids. Make sure you choose the right fats throughout your keto diet to enjoy the best results.

For instance, cold water fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, while coconut is high in medium chain triglycerides or MCT, which convert into ketones easily. Since keto diets involve lots of fats, you need to understand how your body behaves or reacts to fats. You can proceed with the diet if the body takes on fats well. The keto diet may not be ideal for you if it does not love lots of fats.

2. Keto Requires Time to Adjust

If you have been eating grains, dairy products, and sugar for a long, your body may go through a reaction of sorts when introduced to keto. That is common since your body needs to switch back to using fat in energy production methods after many years of being used to other ways. The body will feel sluggish for about 3-4 days as it adapts to the keto diet. This period will pass by, after which you will start experiencing a boost in your energy levels.

Ensure you exercise regularly throughout this adaptation period to keep healthy and fit. Also, remember that seeing results while on a keto diet are not instant, following a keto weight loss timeline to plan and track your weight loss can be a really good to keep up with your accomplishments and benefits your mental health. 

3. Ketosis is Different for Everyone.

Understand that ketosis is different for different people. Some may achieve it quickly, while to some, it may come slowly. Some users may require supplements to get ketosis, while others can achieve it via the diet alone. Every person’s body will react differently, which means that the level of effect of ketosis may also differ. However, the result is always favorable if you follow your schedule and plan for the keto diet.


4. Learn the Keto Substitutes

Before beginning the keto diet, knowing the keto substitutes you can use is excellent. Since you are transitioning to a keto diet, you could look for different options that enable you to have the same goals as the keto diet. You might also find it easier to play around with the keto alternatives instead of getting used to the main keto diet. Some other options could include monk fruit, stevia, and yacon syrup.

You will find coconut oil, butter, and flaxseed oil among the popular substitutes. Again, realizing that it differs from person to person, you might have to try different options before finding the one that suits you best.

5. You, Will, Have Intense Cravings While on Keto

While the current keto diet has shown excellent results in weight loss, intense cravings will be involved. You might also find that some foods you used to love before are driving you crazy while on the keto diet. With this, it will not be surprising if you eat more food than usual and put on weight quickly in a short period. It will therefore be vital for you to know how to overcome that intense craving for high-carb foods.

Take Away

There are indeed some people who have had problems with their weight on the keto diet. However, there are also many people for whom this weight loss process has worked well. Therefore, you must know what makes your body different from others and make the right choices when implementing the keto diet to reap all its benefits.


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