5 Tips to Help You Furnish a Living Space For AirBnbs

5 Tips to Help You Furnish a Living Space For AirBnbs

Renting your property to a vacationer, traveler, or tourist is a fantastic way to generate income. Since you already possess ownership of it, the money generated is almost all net profit. If you would like to reinvent your living space and turn it into an AirBnB rental, the following tips will help you make it happen.

1. Categorize Furniture Items by the Room

Intelligently shopping for furniture means you must know what to buy, and you cannot overshop. Otherwise, your coffers will be drained, and the house will not be filled. Therefore, creating a solid organizational system should be the first item on your priority list.

Grab a notebook, pen, and a comfortable place to sit, then start brainstorming. If your home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and several common areas, you need to furnish all of them. Generally, property managers suggest beginning with the largest items, as these are used most. Once you have the major items handled, look at smaller knick-knacks and decorations.

2. Establish a Firm Budget Before Shopping

Rental management depends on the owner’s financial intuition, and they can quickly mess that up. A typical homeowner will only transform their home into a rental if it is profitable. Nevertheless, profits can evaporate at a rapid pace when you purchase furniture.

Calculate how much your property will likely produce once everything is furnished, and multiply this figure by 12 to get your estimated annual revenue. Then, divide the number of rooms in your home into this figure, creating a new sum. This final number represents how much you can spend on each room and still turn a profit by year’s end.

After calculating the total budget and dividing it into each room, it is time to shop. Put more into the larger rooms, as these will be occupied most frequently. Grab a sofa bed mattress for your living space, and you can add another guest.

3. Fully Equip the Kitchen for a Chef

Shorter-term rentals often deal with negligent tenants and rambunctious partiers, but these can be hard to manage. Equipping your property with cookware, pots, pans, and cutlery will do wonders for it. Since traveling professionals stay in places for weeks, they often search for well-equipped kitchens.

Utensil holders, table linens, and flatware impress clients, and they will be more likely to review your place positively. Consequently, attracting additional guests will be less difficult, ensuring the business remains steady. 

In addition to functional improvements, stocking the kitchen also provides decorative enhancements. If you shop for color-coordinated items, you will love the kitchen’s resulting aesthetic, and so will your guests.

4. Stock the Bathroom With Toiletries

Nothing is more inconvenient than traveling for days only to realize you forgot shampoo at home. Eliminate this possibility from your traveler’s stay by stocking toiletry items for them. After they use your intentional stock of cleaning products, they will comment on your generosity.

Moreover, there should be an abundance of towels, washcloths, and linens, so vacationers can leave theirs behind. If you purchase white stuff, bleach will be a valued ally, as it completely removes stains. Similarly, a trash can would be intelligent, so people can toss the rubbish in there without littering.

Regarding your shampoo and conditioner, put them in refillable bottles and buy a bulk container for refills. After guests depart, you can top up the used bottles, replenishing them for future visits. Refilling bottles of shampoo and conditioner can drastically reduce your expenses.

5. Coordinate Colors and Styles Across the Home

Each room of the home is an opportunity to exercise your creative vision, manifesting a beautiful design. Matching colors and styles amplify your creativity, and they boost the place’s attractiveness. Contemporary tables and chairs in the kitchen should be matched by analogous sofas and recliners in the living room.

If you completely synchronize your house’s style, it will be noticeable as soon as someone enters. Designers usually see an emergent style as they decorate, emerging with each new addition. Cultivate this intention, and lean into it for support.

Transforming Your Place Into the Ultimate Short-Term Rental

Rental properties are a phenomenal tool for income generation but require work and maintenance. If you are starting the process in your living space, these tips should guide you through the beginning.


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