5 Ways to Build a Career as an Architect

5 Ways to Build a Career as an Architect

An architect is a trained professional who conceptualizes, designs, and draws out blueprints for the structure and interior layout of buildings. A wide variety of constructions, from homes to skyscrapers, need the expertise of architects.

While most architects gain experience in a wide range of building styles throughout their careers, some may opt to focus on one particular style. This article elaborates on 5 ways to build a career as an architect.

1. Earn a Bachelor’s or Associate Degree in Architect

Earn a four-year or two-year degree in architectural design or a closely related discipline. Even with only an associate’s degree in architecture, a person is qualified for entry-level positions in the field. For example, you can start a career in the construction and drafting industries.

Some of the topics covered in these programs include:

-What to do when projects require time or cost estimates

-Building materials and basic construction technologies

-How to prepare construction papers

Participants must often complete 60 college credits and participate in diverse projects to graduate from one of these programs.

If you wish to work as an architect in a more specialized or advanced field, you may want to get your bachelor’s degree. The curriculum of a four-year university offering a bachelor’s degree in architecture typically covers not just the history and environmental impact of architectural design but also more advanced topics like physics and engineering.

The standard curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in architecture requires four years of study. It covers 150 credits. These are divided across studio work, design projects, and independent study.

2. Get certification

Apply for any credentials you may need to work as an architect legally. After graduating from an accredited architecture program in the United States, you must pass the Architect Registration Examination to become licensed to practice architecture in that state.

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards may require you to apply for extra licensure in a specialty area of architecture if you wish to practice in that area.

After earning their license, many architects continue their education and become certified. Your professional standing as an architect can benefit from getting certified because it shows that you have put in the time and effort to become an expert in your field. For example, TOGAF training prepares you for certification in enterprise architecture (EA).

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Certification shows that you are committed to your profession as an enterprise architect. The TOGAF Standard is the gold standard for building an EA, documenting EAs effectively, and training EA teams.

3. Advance Your Studies

Take advantage of educational opportunities during your career in architecture. Getting a master’s degree in architecture or another higher degree is one option, as is getting extra accreditation as an architect.

Furthermore, show potential employers that you are committed to growth and development by continuing your education in the field.

Participating in opportunities for professional growth, such as lecturing at academic institutions or publishing scientific or scholarly research, is another excellent way to further your education in architecture.

4. Participate in Professional Development Events

Take advantage of architectural conferences, displays, and other professional development opportunities. As an architect, you can benefit from professional development by staying abreast of industry news and trends.

Networking with other architects and picking their brains is another perfect idea. You can use this to make professional connections with other architects. You can further your career growth by reading and discussing architectural media, such as websites or periodicals that highlight essential current styles or buildings.

5. Look for Further Employment Opportunities in Organizations Where You are Likely to Grow

The best way to break into the architectural industry is to actively seek job openings and submit applications for everything that seems interesting. You might look for work at architectural firms, construction firms, or other companies that use architects.

The freedom to select one’s projects and serve as your boss are two attractive features that motivate some architects to launch their architectural firms. There are a wide variety of job descriptions to which an architect might apply to get enough growth and experience to prepare you to start your firm in the future.


A rewarding career in architecture will not just happen overnight. It takes hard work, commitment, and dedication to accomplish your goals. However, if you stick with it and take advantage of each opportunity to grow along the way, you can do anything you set your mind to!


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