5 Ways to Reduce Custom Packaging Costs for Pharmaceutical Products

5 Ways to Reduce Custom Packaging Costs for Pharmaceutical Products

If you are worried about rising medicine production expenses and want to lower custom packaging costs to maintain profits, you are in luck. There is more than one way you can realize this target.

Stiffly competitive medicine markets make marketing crucial. Since brand promotion is a costly task, it consumes a considerable part of annual budget. How can your brand keep its head above water without sacrificing quality?

It is widely accepted that customized medicine boxes serve as branding tools. Thus, modifying them to fit into set finances is an efficient way to curb extra costs and maintain consistent branding.

Here is how you can reach effective fulfillment while still staying true to your brand, providing a unique experience to your customers, and increasing your profit margins.

Factors that inflate costs

It is vital that you first pinpoint factors that unnecessarily push up costs to constructively minimize their effects. These include:

Inadequate materials – certain materials cost a lot to medicine brands but fall short of providing effective results. The medicines are subjected to damage and mutation, frustrating the end consumers and piling on refund costs.

Longer assembling line waiting periods – when medicine packaging arrives later than planned it casts unfavorable effects on assembly lines and builds up labor costs. It also means that shipments are delayed.

Spending on unwanted box dimensions – bigger boxes don’t mean extra protection. If anything, they expose the medical supplies to excessive shakes. It also gives an unfair product projection that might put off customers.

Incompetent box builds – there is no point just designing the medicine boxes, equal care must be given to how well they suit the products’ requirements and protect them from harsh shipping conditions.

If your brand is suffering losses due to the above, it is time for a change! We have spelled out cost-saving ways that are a game-changer in improving profits while branding more productively.

Step 1: Use affordable yet strong box materials

As your business grows, so will the need for more packaging materials. Fortunately, there is plenty of affordable stock paper and plenty of variations to reduce your overheads. A good combo works to build up effective medicine boxes that are reliable yet fall easy on your pockets.

Many medicine brands have opted for eco-friendly packaging. It has dual benefits; one the materials meet customer expectations and secondly, they are cheaper to get.

By streamlining your packaging materials, your assembly lines become more efficient and your brand would better use labor and other resources. Customers want their medicines to work well and this is only possible when they are packaged in strongly built boxes that provide effective covers. Satisfied customers are less likely to complain and demand replacements.

Step 2: Work within the product capacities

If your primary medicine items come in aluminum strips, there is no need for extra box cushioning to package them. Similarly, fragile bottles need thicker box cuts to ensure they remain safe throughout transit.

You need to consider the product you manufacture to decide on the precise box dimensions. This helps to:

  • Create branded custom packaging that only uses the needed material quantities and saves on wastages.
  • Provide firm covers that prevent damages due to unfavorable handling and shipping.
  • Maintain products till they reach customers and reduce refund costs.

You can also customize the boxes according to the weather conditions, customer demographic, and distribution channel. All these factors combined would ensure timely and functional product deliveries and hence cut downtime expenses.

Step 3: Consider the latest technologies

Today’s packaging process spans an entire spectrum of technology to fit all sorts of design and packing needs. You’ll be amazed at the creativity, the box structure options, and protective aspects of today’s medicine packaging.

On top of the box structure and processing of your packaging, you should also consider ways that you can save money on your packaging’s design. Expert box makers can advise you on how to create custom box printing that is high on quality and character but low on expenses.

An example would be to use 2 colors instead of a full 4-color pallet. Another way can be to stick to the brand logo shades to define the medicine boxes’ colors. This will give your product that attractive, eye-catching look without a huge investment in different color choices.  Even though it’s a small step, but one that can lead to significant savings.

custom packaging

Step 4: Plan everything in advance

Before going into actual box designing, it is wise to plan every little packaging detail on paper. Looking for ways to cut down packaging costs is by far a more effective procedure than looking for production cost cuts that may lower the medicine quality and may take time to implement.

If you rely on shipping as the main distribution method, opting for light-weight boxes would work to bring down shipping costs. Certain box shapes provide a better opportunity for saving materials and also to communicate branding powerfully. Additionally, your brand can choose to let go of excessive box padding and inserts if the products can do without them.

You must also determine what customer group would buy your medicines and design the boxes accordingly. Using box patterns and graphics would entice the target buyers to buy your brand and boost sales revenues.

Step 5: Never let go-off box quality

With ample possibilities with box designing, there isn’t an excuse to compromise on packaging quality to cut costs. Because if you do so, customers would look for alternative brands for medicine purchases.

The box styling lends itself to whatever is packaged inside. Your boxes must hence, look premium and fit for use. Planned out designs consisting of less box space and fewer printing effects can lower packaging costs. Expert box makers are usually hired to generate efficient deals for medicine brands.


Depending on the medicine custom packaging for maintaining healthy bottom lines pays off immediately. You can use varied batch processing with the combination of advanced technology and expert viewpoints to manage your expenses like a pro!


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