6 Reasons You Should Switch Your Dog to a Raw Diet

6 Reasons You Should Switch Your Dog to a Raw Diet

While the pet food industry has made a substantial effort to improve the quality of its products, it is not enough. A raw food diet is the only option if you want a healthy dog. Raw food can improve and prolong your animal’s health. We have listed six reasons to give your dog a raw food diet.


1. Reduces and Eliminates Allergies

Food is the most common cause of allergies in dogs. Many ingredients found in dog food are not meant to be consumed and can irritate the immune system. Common signs of food allergy include ear infections, skin itching, rashes, and digestive problems. A raw food diet contains no preservatives, fillers, or additives. It is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate allergies. 


If you suspect your pet suffers from allergies, it may be time to change its diet. E-commerce shops have made it easier than ever to get quality pet foods. To make sure that you are receiving the best raw dog food, consider looking into raw dog food delivery services online.


2. Easier to Digest

Even the highest quality non-raw pet food contains preservatives, additives, and fillers. These chemicals can cause problems in a dog’s digestive system. Many ingredients in non-raw dog food can not be adequately digested and can cause large, foul-smelling stools.


Raw food is entirely natural and contains no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. It moves through your dog’s digestive system better. It is also easier for your dog’s body to absorb the nutrients in raw food. A dog on a raw food diet will have a stool that is smaller and less foul.


Feeding your dog a diet with proper nutrients will give them more energy to stay active. A more energetic dog will be more active and will be able to lose and maintain its weight.


3. Healthier Coat

The first thing people notice on a dog is its coat. It is also an indication of a dog’s well-being. Non-raw pet foods lack the nutrients that dogs need and can result in a dull coat, dandruff, dry skin, and thin fur. A protein-rich diet can help improve the coat and skin of your pet. Raw food diets are nutrient and protein-rich. The vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients in raw food can help give your dog a fuller, shiner, and healthier coat.


4. Supports the Immune System

Like humans, a dog’s immune system will start to suffer if its digestive system is under stress. The ingredients found in pet food can cause digestive problems. They also lack the adequate amount of nutrients that your pet needs. This combination can lead to poor digestive health and weaken your dog’s immune system. A balanced raw food diet will provide your dog with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins to build a healthy immune system. Raw food also contains enzymes that break down and absorb more nutrients in your dog’s body.


5. Helps Dogs Maintain Their Weight

Obesity is as big an epidemic in the dog population as it is in the human population. Unfortunately, the source is the same: processed foods. Processed dog food contains high levels of sugar and carbohydrate. Sugars and Carbohydrates can be difficult for your dog to burn off and can lead to weight issues. A raw food diet is low in carbohydrates and sugar and high in protein and helps your dog maintain a healthy weight.


6. Helps Promote Dental Hygiene

Weight problems are not the only thing that Carbohydrates and sugars cause; they can also cause dental problems. High sugar can cause bacteria to grow in your dog’s mouth. Non-Raw foods can also get stuck in your pet’s teeth. These issues can lead to plaque and tartar build-up, bad breath, and tooth loss.


Raw food products promote dental health in your pet. The food is less likely to get stuck in your dog’s teeth, does not contain sugars or carbohydrates, can help with cleaning, and can strengthen the teeth and jaw muscles.


Closing Remark

Start looking for quality raw pet foods near you today! Your dog is your best friend, and you do not want to neglect them. Switching to a raw food diet can help every aspect of their health, inside and out. The switch will be worth it as you will see improvements in your furry friend.



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