6 Things You Should Know About Maintaining Home Fountains

6 Things You Should Know About Maintaining Home Fountains

A fountain is a beautiful addition to any home. However, it can become dirty and unusable with time due to exposure to various elements. Learn these six tricks for maintaining your fountain and keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

Run The Fountain Pump As Much As You Can

When cleaning the fountain, take the time to run the pump as much as possible. The process will clean out particles and dirt inside the pump that can clog up any lines. If you use a fountain with a filter, this will remove any particles from the water. 

Running the pump will also help maintain the filter and keep it functioning properly. To help push this idea home, try adding an extra day or two to your normal maintenance schedule. Running the pump daily may seem annoying, but this is better for the fountain than leaving it running all the time. 

It extends its life considerably and will free up time for you to enjoy your fountain. You can also avoid having to replace parts that are about to wear out by simply running the pump a few more times than usual.

Use The Right Cleaning Products To Clean Your Water Fountain

If you use a water fountain, you will want to use cleaning chemicals that are safe to drink. Water fountain cleaners are made specifically for water features and will not damage your pump or clog the lines. 

The right products will keep your water fountain clean and shiny while removing any build-up that can damage the fountain or void the warranty. If your fountain has a built-in filter, use a product made for fountains that can be added to your water for a deep clean without damaging the environment.

Refill Your Fountain With The Right Amount Of Water

Due to the pump’s force, the amount of water needed can be significant when you have a water fountain in use. If you have a small fountain and only need 20 gallons per hour, ensure not to add too much extra water during cleaning. 

After you add chemicals to clear the lines, flush them out. If you do not, the extra water can create a viscous mix that sinks into your pump and clogs it up, causing it to burn out. If you want your fountain to run continuously, use a drip system that slowly adds more water on its own. This will keep your fountain operating throughout the year without needing any maintenance.

Clean The Water In Your Fountain Once Every Two Days

Cleaning every two days is a good maintenance routine that keeps your fountain from getting too dirty. It also allows you to ensure that your pump is running correctly and that there are no clogs. Additionally, you can clear foam from water fountains to maintain the general health of your fountain. 

It is a simple way to ensure that your fountain is working properly. Keeping the pump clean and water flowing through will improve its longevity. Over time, the build-up of sediment and hard water can slow down the pump and cause damage, so this cleaning process will help keep it running smoothly.

Clear Debris Such As Leaves Regularly

If you have a yard or trees surrounding your pond fountain, you will want to ensure that you keep the area around the fountain debris-free. Leaves and other debris can clog up the water lines. Ensure no leaves or dirt are getting into the water and causing problems. 

Debris in your fountain can cause issues with water flow and pump performance. Keep the area around your fountain clean, and you will be able to have a source of beautiful water that is unlikely to fail. If you want to keep your water fountain healthy, then you should use a cleansing product that can be used on most fountains. 

These will remove particles from the pump and water lines and ensure that your fountain runs as efficiently as possible.

Inspect Mechanical Parts Regularly

Even if you are using a water fountain, some mechanical parts will be exposed to elements. These parts can get dirty over time and may need regular maintenance. 

If the surface of a part is getting corroded, make sure you are coating it with lubricant. If you use this preventative measure, there will be no need to do any major repairs or replacements on your fountain for many years. 

Also, get a new filter- No matter how well you maintain your fountain, eventually, things will start going wrong. You might notice your water level reducing or strange odors coming from the fountain.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, ensuring that your water fountain is kept clean and working properly will give you years of enjoyment without worrying about problems. The above tips will help you learn how to clean a fountain properly and keep it in good shape for a long time.


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