7 Fascinating Apparel Custom Packaging Designs

Apparel packaging has come a long way from how ordinary it looked some decades ago. Custom packaging has undoubtedly revolutionized branding and product packaging in this industry for the better.

2021 was expected to bring innovative new ideas to apparel packaging designs. With almost a quarter of the year left, one can see how the changing trends have impacted apparel branded boxes. Some fresh new options and reinvented box features have emerged that have caught the eyes and interests of both consumers and box designers alike.

Check out the 7 most amazing apparel box designs that are a must-try.

  1. Minimalistic approach

This year the apparel brands, as with most other retailing companies, have seen a shift towards taking a more minimalistic designing approach. It involves cutting back to the product core and including elements that matter to the apparel item type.

It’s a packaging trend that has really gathered pace over a good few years. In 2021, however, the focus is placed on simplicity that allows for colors and typography to really stand out. This is reflective of how customers want to see their favorite apparel items being presented. Minimal and more regal designs give a premium brand image. Apple is the pioneer in doing such box styling and standing out as a more popular brand.

One-tone colors are seen as the future of box printing instead of a mix of multiple color hues. Apparel brands like Dior have adopted such design patterns over some time ago. Being in sync with this trend can push your brand recognition forward.

  1. Classic box appeal

Time and again we see vintage designs appreciated by modern customers. These have a high intrinsic value attached to them. Box styling this year has also taken the same route. Classic patterns and graphics are dominant in the apparel industry.

Classic box appeal appears authentic and is a much-needed departure from repetitive modern custom box elements. These have a timeless value and are the reason for global popularity. The apparel items themselves are inspired by classics and created as such. Currently, vintage-inspired packaging continues to thrive as designers look back to the old to create an ageless apparel box look that is beloved across generations.

  1. Hand-made artistic additions

With so much mass production, hand-made box features are extremely appreciated by customers. Apparel items that offer personalized versions are rapidly using these on their packaging to reflect the brand ethos and product characteristics more visibly.

Moreover, awareness about the importance of promoting local apparel makers has allowed small businesses to thrive in the industry using individual box designs crafted manually. If you are an apparel manufacturer making huge volumes of identical products, you can too stand out in the consumer markets with personalized box designs.

It could be anything from hand-written welcome notes to hand-painted brand logos and graphics. The Body Shop famously promotes community traders by utilizing local ingredients and putting the same on the custom packaging boxes to impress customers.

  1. Flat illustrations

Suitable for all printed illustrations. The backbone of the flat illustration is the stripping away of 3D effects in design, which results in a crisper and clear output that just thrives in packaging. This year, the apparel industry is seen fashion trends involving minimal designs. The packaging has also been reflective of this.

A fair and true depiction of the brand and apparel items are dominating the boxes. Customers are generally short on time and prefer getting the main brand and product info in the minimum time frame. Clear and clean graphics are conveniently apprehendable. These also make communication with buyers easier and more effective.

Custom packaging

  1. Quirky box appearance

Even though simplistic box designs are the in-thing in 2021, it doesn’t rule out the significance of crafting fun boxes. After all, the unboxing experiences are more valued now than ever before!

Entertaining designs on apparel packaging often have the upper hand by standing out in a sea of similar products, which is why companies continue to come up with and use atypical packaging designs on their boxes. Box manufacturers can guide you further on how to maneuver the box look to align with current industry trends and customer tastes.

Customers expect edgy box cuts and an exceptional box opening process. Such box designing guarantees the brand appearance in unboxing videos online, which is the basis of expanding sales revenues in today’s retail world.

  1. Cleaner packaging designs and materials

Another important factor that is gaining popularity is using plastic-free apparel packaging. Manufacturers are shifting gears to shun pollutants and use cleaner packaging materials too.

The apparel industry is using paper bags instead of plastic ones and giving customers a viable reason to continue shopping with their go-to brands. New businesses use these antics to establish themselves and get more customer attention.

Rising inflation is what is fueling the need for more sustainable and cost-effective packaging forms. The greener box materials are cheaper and can be obtained all year. These are popular amongst apparel makers due to their ability to be used for promotions too. The top of the boxes can speak favorably of the brand while offbeat box shapes help to make powerful first contact with customers.

  1. Nude colors pallets

Sticking to undertones and monotones has been the year trend so far. Warm browns, beiges, and creamy whites are seen more than aggressive neon colors. Often, these colors and hues are combined with pops of pastel or clean white labels. With nude palettes, the apparel packaging becomes more grounded, appealing to various types of customers.

Operating in the dynamic apparel markets makes it more significant to appeal to varied customer demographics. Colors naturally have a profound effect on customers. Thus, using the current popular scheme of shades on custom packaging would make apparel items look contemporary and must-haves.


Most of the year is already gone by but still a portion is left, giving room for more box design development. For the time being, pick your favorite among this lot.


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