7 fun coloring games: Play and paint, the best combination

7 fun coloring games: Play and paint, the best combination

Coloring and painting games

In coloring games , the child can start from the age of about one year. Playing and painting at the same time will be a pleasant, fun and educational activity for him that will be used for other recreational activities later on.

Coloring is one of the first learnings for children. Colors are seen as fun and you have to take advantage of this stimulus to teach them to identify them. The little ones can be attracted with coloring games , according to their age, like the ones shown below:

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Where is the color?

It is a simple coloring game: the child is taught a color and asked to choose an object of that same color. Later, the chosen object can be drawn and colored on a sheet and painted in the indicated color.

Play with balloons

With this game different colored balloons are used. There must be several balloons of the same color , for example: 3 red, 4 blue, 2 yellow, 3 green. The child must group those of the same color. Then you can paint the balloons in your preferred color.

Pixel Art

Through this computer painting game, children use various colors to their liking to make figures on a grid. This is how they unleash their imagination. Also, they can modify or change the drawing made.

I see I see

It is one of the coloring games edited from the well-known children’s song I see, I see to find objects. The sung expression is used to invite the child to choose an object of a certain color, and then draw it. So on, until covering several colors that the child will learn.

Colorful blocks

Building block toys, such as Lego toys, are great for playing and coloring. In this educational game, the child chooses a single color and builds a shape that he can then draw and paint on paper. Or if you prefer, you can make the construction in various colors and likewise, with the drawing.

Mix of colors

With watercolor of the basic colors (yellow, green and blue), the child is allowed to paint and mix colors. You will be amazed to discover other colors that emerge from the combinations.

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Paint with the numbers

In a drawing of an animal or a house, divided into parts and identified with numbers. Each number corresponds to a color. For example, the number 2 is for the color green and the box with that number will be that color.

In conclusion, all these forms of coloring games are educational strategies. The child has a wide variety of these and other hobbies to paint on the web at his fingertips, and what is better, they are so much fun that he will not want to stop playing and learning.

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