8 Worst Foods for Your Liver

The liver, perhaps, is the most important organ in the body that keeps you healthy. It is responsible for removing the body’s wastes and toxins in an effective way. Purifies and detox foods are compulsory for the liver to do its work well. The liver keeps the healthy nutrients and processes the blood and excretes the waste.

In addition, according to the liver specialist in Lahore, the liver is also responsible for having over five hundred other important functions such as:

  • Removing bacteria from the blood
  • Producing specific proteins and cholesterols
  • Regulating blood clotting
  • Clearing the blood of drugs

According to the Fatty Liver Foundation, almost one hundred million people have a liver problem known as fatty liver- a disease in which fat accumulates in the liver and causes swelling or inflammation.

Worst Foods for Your Liver

Here is a list of some worst foods that can affect your liver very badly and may also lead to severe conditions:

Herbal Supplements

Mostly there is a label on herbal supplements “made by natural ingredients”, but that is not OK for you. For example, some people use a herb known as kava for menopause symptoms. However, several studies indicate that it can keep the liver from working in an appropriate way, which may lead to liver failure or hepatitis.

Some republics have excluded this herb but is also legal in many countries of the world.


Hooch-related liver problems develop due to years of drinking too much hooch. Excessive drinking means more than eight hooch beverages in a week for females and more than fifteen beverages of hooch per week for men. 

Due to the continuous consumption of hooch, the liver becomes inflamed, and when this inflammation becomes irreversible it is known as cirrhosis. However, if you can’t live without drinking it, then do it in moderation.


Too much consumption of sugar is not only bad, dangerous, and disastrous for your teeth but also for your liver. The liver uses only one type of sugar, known as fructose, to make fat. High fructose corn syrup and refined sugar cause a fatty buildup that may lead to disease.

In addition, some studies indicate that sugar can be dangerous to the liver as alcohol, even if you are not experiencing obesity. You also need to limit foods packed with added sugars such as candy, soda, and pastries.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are also the worst foods because fried foods such as fries and chicken fingers and many others are high in saturated fat. When you consume fried foods on a regular basis, then this may make it difficult for the liver to work well, which may lead to liver inflammation. It would play an essential role in maintaining your health if you consume saturated fat in fewer amounts.

Soft Drinks

Studies show that people who drink a lot of soft drinks are more likely to develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). However, some studies say the opposite. But if cut down a lot of sodas from your diet, then it would be good for your health.

Processed Meat

Do you really think processed meat is free of saturated meat? If yes, then you are mistaken because they are also very high in saturated fat, and when you eat them with full intentions, it damages the liver. If you are not able to stop yourself from eating processed meat, then eat it in small amounts and try to go for very lean meats every time.

Too Much Consumption of Vitamin A Supplements

The body needs vitamin A in a healthy amount, and it is OK to get it from plants such as vegetables, fresh fruits, and especially that are yellow, orange, and red. However, if you consume vitamin A in high amounts, then that can be a problem for your liver. Make sure to consult a medical specialist from any hospital before taking extra vitamin A.

Trans Fat

Trans fat is known as man-made fat in some baked goods and packaged foods. Foods high in trans fats make you gain weight more quickly. Weight gaining is not good for your liver. Check the ingredients before buying packaged goods, and buy it when says zero grams of trans fat.


It is essential for you to keep your liver healthy. To do so, you can avoid the above-mentioned foods and drinks. In addition, you can also try to keep your liver by going for some lab tests such as the HBV test. You can check the details of this test from the HBV test price in Pakistan. This test will help you or any other patient in a number of ways because it will tell about the antigens in the blood.


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