A World Cup Winners Comparison

A World Cup Winners Comparison

The Football World Cup is the most watched and important soccer tournament that occurs every four years. Soccer fans from all around the world gather in Europe for three weeks to watch the action and enjoy each other’s company. This competition draws huge crowd and encourages football fans to take part in the tournament by making sure that their favorite team makes it to the finals. It is truly an exciting competition and millions of fans are looking forward to this competition. For every one person who loves soccer, a Football World Cup champion is the one to follow and crown a champion.

Ronaldo is undoubtedly the most popular soccer player to come from Brazil, and he has made the competition very famous. He is rated number one in the world after some impressive displays in the recent season. The treble winning goal that he scored during the quarter final match against Italy has given him the expectation and motivation to win the entire tournament easily. He may well be the one to beat Hazard, although Benfica and Germany have a lot to prove as well.

There are many other great players who also qualify for this competition, which makes it an interesting event to follow. The facilities at these stadiums would be fully air-conditioned and the fans in the stadiums would make full use of it. If the fans wish to get an amazing atmosphere in these stadiums, they could either stay in the luxury of the hotels that are located nearby or would rent cheap tickets for the competition. Most of the stadiums would offer excellent comforts to the fans so that they can enjoy the competition fully.

Argentina is another footballing team that has lived up to the expectations and earned the right to compete at the Football World Cup. With a strong team and a captivating attacking style, Argentina is considered one of the favorites to win the trophy this year. Fans have been expecting something good from this team all throughout the season and may well have got their wish when Messi was named player of the tournament during the week of October.

Chile is another team that is expected to perform at the Football Worldcup. They have a very good attacking style and have enjoyed some good results recently, beating some of the top sides in the competition during the friendlies. A Chile side would have no problems against anyone in this competition, except for Portugal and Spain who are the two biggest sides in the game. However, with the likes of Beckham, Luiz and Guttierez on their team, the chances of them taking the title this time are very high.

Although Real Madrid and Barcelona have enjoyed great success over the years, the rivalry between these two giants remains intense. If there was a tournament designed only to crown the world cup champions, then I don’t think that Argentina or Chile would have been given a chance. However, if we take a look at the teams that qualified from their respective leagues, you can certainly see that La Roja has a lot more talent than the Catalans, while Croatia has the size and strength. It all comes down to which team has the greater footballing power, and although Argentina is clearly the outside contenders, I believe that this competition is still wide open.

When looking at how the different teams play out on the pitch, it is clear that both Spain and Italy have a lot of quality players in their squad that would like to lift the trophy this year. The problem for these two giants is that they do not have the likes of Beckham, Luiz, Guttierez and co in their group, so will have to rely on their youthful talents and rely on their footballing skills more than their ability to score goals. This has seen both sides play more aggressive football and have tried a number of different tactics to try and win the competitions. Personally I am expecting something really interesting from Italy this season and I expect their side to go further than Spain in the event. I feel that if Spain does manage to win the trophy, it will be on the back of one of the best-prepared teams in the world.

In terms of who will win the most competitions, it is probably going to come down to who is the best coach. After all, both Costa Rica and Argentina have some of the most talented coaches in the world, so maybe they are lucky to be in the competition. On the other hand, I think that either Costa Rica or Argentina will win the cup this year, and if they do I am expecting a lot more from them this season. So who is the likely winner this time around? Well, I have the answer to that question, and its obvious that both are going to be top of the pile come the end of the season.


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