Proven Techniques to Add Yahoo Mail to Outlook on Mac

Proven Techniques to Add Yahoo Mail to Outlook on Mac

Can’t add a Yahoo email account to Outlook! Don’t worry, here in this blog you will find the most authentic solution to setup your Yahoo Mail to Outlook 365. There might be cases where you might need to settle your email account on a different server or use a different service. The reason you do that can be to manage your business emails more efficiently and effectively.

Today in this blog we will share some techniques to easily add Yahoo mail to Outlook on Mac. We will first cover the manual approach to configuring the account. Thereafter, we will move to the professional approach using a third-party tool. Before, starting up with the part of the solution, let us first have a look at some reasons for this migration.

Reasons to Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook

Among the various reasons, below are the most common reasons to transfer Yahoo Mail to Outlook.

  • * Outlook has better anti-spam services than Yahoo.
  • * It is preferred by most business people because of its advanced features.
  • * MS Outlook offers an easy-to-use GUI that makes it easy for non-technical users to use this email client.
  • * It is comparatively easy to manage emails in MS Outlook.

After going through the reasons to configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook. It is time to move to the solution part.

How to Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2021?

To answer this query, we will mention the two most effective methods to migrate Yahoo emails to MS Outlook. Firstly, we will state a manual solution then we’ll move to the professional solution.

Manual Method to Add Yahoo Mail to Outlook

In this approach, we will learn to manually setup the Yahoo account in MS Outlook. We will perform this process using the in-built features of Outlook. Follow the below steps to perform the process effectively.

Steps to Access Yahoo Mail in Outlook

  • 1. Open MS Outlook and sign in to your account with the required credentials.
  • 2. On the top right corner, click the Tools menu.
  • 3. Tap on the Accounts option and click the plus + symbol in the bottom pane.
  • 4. Choose New Account here and specify the Yahoo Email address and click Continue.
  • 5. Here, enter your Yahoo Mail Password and click Add Account.
  • 6. Finally, Outlook will load all the settings and will configure everything else automatically.

Drawbacks of the Native Solution

There are multiple drawbacks of the manual method but some common issue has been mentioned below.

  • * This process is lengthy and difficult for non-technical users.
  • * The mailbox folder hierarchy is not maintained.
  • * You cannot transfer selective Yahoo emails once the whole account is configured.
  • * This method only allows configuring a single account at a time.

To overcome these limitations, you can follow the below-stated expert-recommended solution.

Automated Solution to Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook

MacSonik Yahoo Backup Tool is an amazing utility to migrate/convert Yahoo emails into 15+ email clients and file formats. You can effectively transfer and add Yahoo mail to Outlook without any hassle. The tool is developed with an intuitive graphical user interface, which makes the whole process easy and efficient. It offers incredible built-in features to migrate/convert multiple Yahoo account effortlessly. Users can also eliminate duplicate mail items from the migration process. To quickly configure the Yahoo account in MS Outlook, follow these 6 simple steps.

Steps to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Outlook

  • 1. Install and Download MacSonik Yahoo Backup Tool.
  • 2. Enter your Yahoo ID and Third-party app password and click Sign In.
  • 3. Tick the required folders that need to be migrated from the appeared wizard and click Next.
  • 4. Choose Office 365 from the drop-down list and sign in with the required credentials.
  • 5. Apply the required built-in features of the tool.
  • 6. Finally, click Convert to setup Yahoo mail in Outlook.

You can also add Gmail account to Outlook on Mac and access all your Gmail emails in Outlook 365.


In the write up we have included the two foremost solutions to quickly add Yahoo mail to Outlook 365 on Mac. One is a manual solution which carries certain limitations. In order to overcome those limitations, we have also stated a professional solution. A professional Yahoo Backup Tool can also import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud in a few clicks by eliminating duplicate contacts. Read the whole article, to decide on the best method.


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