All You Need To Know About Windows Hosting

About Windows Hosting – You definitely need a dynamic website along with some visually striking elements that have become the new necessity. Therefore it has now become an indispensable factor for several individuals. There are several aspects about Windows hosting that you need to understand, which makes it one of the most prevalent and feature-rich services accessible with the help of hosting companies that require you to meet these necessities.

However, generally speaking, there are two key choices available when it comes to web hosting: Windows and Linux. Windows hosting is undoubtedly a dynamic technology that helps you in keeping your position ahead in the competition, among several other websites operating smoothly.

What Is Windows Hosting?

It is a web hosting server that operates on Windows OS along with its other variants. Your site pages can competently access the best web development features of Windows while using such a hosting service.

Windows is tremendously gaining popularity as one of the best operating systems all over the world. It has become a way for windows hosting to be one of the immensely favorable ones among all website owners. Currently, more than 75% of the desktop operating systems recognized in the global market belong to Windows. In addition to this, Microsoft is frequently researching this product to make frequent improvements that upgrade Windows each year in the technical facets and support several scripts.

If you are searching for the exemplary and best windows hosting plan for your personal website or even business site, then give a chance to Navicosoft. We make sure to provide you with smart and reliable web development options using the best windows hosting packages. We are among the authorized partners with Plesk. In addition to this, we are glad to fulfill all your windows hosting requirements with cheap hosting servers.

Should Users Opt for Windows Web Hosting?

If we compare Windows hosting with Linux hosting, there are several aspects with incomparable strength, making it perfect for hosting services. However, it is indispensable for many web programming languages, including Visual Basic, ASP, and C#, to function flawlessly. In addition to this, it supports several common databases, for example, SQL and MS Access, so that you will not face any difficulty while managing your database.

However, if there is a small business or startup that needs windows hosting for their basic needs, you can select shared or cloud hosting plans for operating on the Linux server, which can suit you in all different ways. On the contrary, if you are a large enterprise with a significant amount of daily traffic, you need to search about windows hosting more since it can be a good choice. Your IT team will not have to struggle with web maintenances.

Developing a basic understanding of Windows hosting is very important since you will have to differentiate between Linux hosting. There are some particular reasons why you should definitely need to consider it as your hosting option. Let us explore some of these reasons to see why you need to select them.


Site Developed with ASP.NET

If the website you host is developed using ASP.NET, it will be an exceptional solution to consider. It is because your site becomes compatible with those hosting solutions. Therefore, there will be no problem, especially in the long run. You will be able to successfully manage your site without coming across any noteworthy challenges.


Most of the systems utilize MySQL as one of the databases. If you are fascinated with using MySQL as one of the databases, you will definitely be thinking about windows hosting or using another such type of hosting. It will eventually help you get all the support you require for MySQL hosting without facing any difficulty. Hence there are several aspects that you need to know about Windows Hosting.

User Friendly

If you do not have adequate technical knowledge, you can also opt for Windows hosting instead of selecting Linux hosting. It is a better approach since you do not have to be extremely specialized for managing it. In addition to this, you can remain working with the hosting plan without meeting too many difficulties. Furthermore, you do not have to come across any assistance regarding technical expertise for managing your windows hosting plan. As an alternative, you can order your own and get everything done.

Numerous Features

Using such type of hosting allows you to get your hands on several features. For instance, you can easily access the Microsoft Exchange mail server. Moreover, it will specifically help you in sorting out all the emails without facing any noteworthy challenges. Furthermore, it depends on how you can start using such features to manage these hosting according to your preferences.

Get an Incomparable Windows Hosting with Navicosoft!

Navicosoft has emerged as a successful windows shared hosting provider by powering millions of websites all over the world. Navicosoft provides the most up-to-date technology along with some tremendous innovations. We provide you with a digital window hosting that is best suitable for settling your online business. Navicosoft facilitates you with the best by making your website live. Our company uses user-centric Windows shared hosting along with an exceptional, friendly control panel.

We have a team of specialists who have successfully built a polished platform for incomparable windows hosting. Our windows shared hosting servers are a seamless fixture for moving ahead with modern technologies. Navicosoft provides you with windows hosting servers with 100% SSD disk space that are equipped with top-quality hardware. We serve our customers economically, and our servers consist of more than 10 CPU cores, guaranteeing RAM and unlimited traffic.


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