Amazon FBA Labelling: Yes or No?

Amazon FBA Labelling: Yes or No?

Amazon fba is a great way to automate the delivery process and transfer the crucial responsibilities of logistics and customer support to Amazon. Those activities include warehousing, customer support, fba label, and product deliveries. 

It’s a win-win situation for all small-budget and high-scale sellers as well. The small-scale sellers can save the cost of warehouse rentals and transportation by directly sending the products to the Amazon warehouse.

Each time someone orders, the Amazon fulfillment center will send the products. On the other hand, the big-scale sellers with a high sales volume can save a lot of their time of transportation and packaging by using Amazon Fba.

Usually, the high scale sellers have reliable suppliers, and they can send their inventory directly to the Amazon warehouse by using Amazon dedicated sellers. In this way, the time and cost of logistics can be saved. 

Now coming to the important elements of the Amazon FBA, “Amazon fba labels.” There are hundreds of thousands of products inventory stored in the Amazon warehouse. To differentiate the products, certain barcodes are used by Amazon that is called fnsku codes. 

However, there are two options to put the fnsku label on your inventory. The sellers can use either label themselves or use Amazon’s FBA Label Service. Remember, everything has its pros and cons.

Similarly, there are some advantages and distances of using FBA labeling services. But don’t worry. We’ll make this decision simple for you by explaining your FBA Label service in-depth. 

What does FNSKU mean? Why is it Important?

What does FNSKU mean? Why is it Important?

As mentioned earlier, the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit is a code used to track the products. Many people confuse fnsku barcodes with the FBA Box Label. Both labels are different.

The FBA box label tells Amazon that this inventory belongs to a specific seller. In contrast, the FNSKU labels are put on each product. 

The FBA sellers can deliver their inventory to the Amazon warehouse without fnsku labeling on your inventory.

But there must be an FBA box label with a manufacturer’s barcode. Now, the question is, if you won’t put the fba labels on your products, then who will? Here comes the important part that is the Amazon fba label service. 

What Is the FBA Label Service?

What Is the FBA Label Service?

Amazon FBA label service allows the sellers to directly send their inventory to the Amazon warehouse from their supplier or send inventory with labeling.

In exchange for some additional fees to amazon fba fees which are around $0.20 for labeling each product, Amazon does that job for you. This process is known as the FBA label service.

However, it’s not a piece of cake as it seems. Some requirements must be met to make your products eligible for the Fba label service 

  • The product must be in brand new condition with no signs of damage. 
  • The product should have no-media classification.
  • The products should not be prohibited or restricted in the country.
  • The product box must have a single scannable barcode. 

If your products meet these requirements, you can use the Fba label service. Now that you know the procedure of using the Fba label service, it’s time to find out whether if it’s beneficial to use it or not.

Why Should You Use The FBA Label Service?

One of the crucial reasons your business should use the fba label service is that it’s very time-saving. If you’re a high-scale seller with a huge sale volume, then the process of labeling each product can take a lot of your time.

Even if you have got a separate team, you cannot meet the level of accuracy and efficiency that Amazon offers you with fba label service. 

Another appealing advantage of using the fba label service for your inventory is the cost-effectiveness. Well, this can be a downside for some sellers as well, but it all depends on your sale strategy and profit margins.

Amazon charges a small amount of $0.20 per label, which is very little compared to the cost if you get your labels printed and hire people to put them on the products and then bear the additional cost of transportation. 

Last but not least, you can get the ultimate peace of mind that Amazon professional workers are handling your products with a very less margin of error.

Why Shouldn’t You Use The FBA Label Service?

As good as it sounds, there are downsides to using the Fba label service. 

To start with, the cost ($0.20 per label) could be very small for the seller with high-profit margins, and high sales volume can be huge for a seller with low sales volume.

Also, if you’re selling many products in a month and there is continuous demand, you might outsource the labeling work to a cheaper source that would cost you less than the Amazon label fees.  

Another downside is the risk of misplacement and suspension. If your products get misplaced during the fba labeling, you can face great loss.

Also, if you’re sending your inventory directly from the supplier, there might be a change if the supplier sends counterfeit products that can result in your account suspension from Amazon. 



That was all about Amazon’s FBA labeling service. After reading this post, we hope you’ve learned a lot about FBA and the labeling service. You can benefit from Amazon fba coaching if you’re just starting Amazon FBA. 

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