Apartment Hunting? 5 Important Factors to Consider

Apartment Hunting? 5 Important Factors to Consider

When you move, finding the best new apartment can be a headache. But if you do your research and plan ahead, it should go smoothly. Moving can also be an exciting experience. When hunting for an apartment, these five factors will greatly enhance the chances of finding one that suits your needs:

1. Location and History

The most important thing you should consider before renting an apartment is its location and history. While having a good place to live is important, you also want close proximity to your workplace, shopping centers, and schools. Not only is location important, but so is the history of the building. It will tell you if there have been any problems recently or if previous residents were happy there. You do not want to rent an apartment with issues. Additionally, pay attention to the safety statistics in the area and the history of the area’s crime rate. You should end up in a secure neighborhood with a good history like Summerhill Apartments in Atlanta, GA. Try also to look for a place with some security measures, such as cameras, security guards, and key card access.

2. Rent

You have to consider the cost of your place. You should know it before you even begin looking for an apartment. Compare the cost of rent in different areas. See how it compares to the average cost of rent in your city. You will want to be in a location where the rent is reasonable. There are some less expensive areas that you could live in if you want to save money. However, remember that a lower price does not always mean a cheaper place. You also have to be willing to go a little over budget if it means getting something better.

3. Guest Policy

Before you rent a place, make sure that you read the guest policy. If you plan on having people come over all the time or want your friends to stay over, then you will need to know the rules and regulations around that. There is nothing wrong with having a friend stay at your place if you have enough space. However, some landlords and management companies do not allow guests for more than a night or two. While that will not be an issue for some people, others like to have friends come over, especially if they live far away. A guest policy is something you want to know before choosing the apartment of your choice so that you do not get surprised by it later on when it is too late.

4. Amenities

While a nice apartment can be great, you want to ensure that you are living in a place with all the amenities you need. These can include things such as a washer and dryer, air conditioning, and either cable or satellite television. Also, remember that you want to be able to access the internet and a reliable water supply. A good apartment will ensure that you have enough amenities in the apartment.

5. Parking

Parking is important. A parking spot is also among the first things to look for when hunting for an apartment, as many apartments do not provide parking for their tenants. That means you can park your car in the same place every day. Ideally, you would have enough space to park on either side of your building and one or two more spots within walking distance of your unit.


When looking for a new apartment, make sure that you keep these factors in mind. By planning ahead, researching, and asking the right questions in advance, you will find an apartment that is perfect for you. You can make the right decision to start living in a nicer place. It is about ensuring you get the best place at a good price.


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