Are You Looking for a Small Smoking Bowl? Consider These 3

When you are in need of a handy and convenient smoking piece, then you should sincerely consider purchasing a small smoking bowl. This type of device is the epitome of convenience when smoking marijuana. It is typically compact and designed specifically for discretion while also providing the best hits.

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Not only do these particular handheld devices pack a punch in terms of hits, but they also usually have unique and exciting designs. There are a plethora of options when looking for a smoking bowl that’s smaller in size that many may not be aware of. They can be of varying colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. They can contain favorite characters and foods or even change colors with smoke! Really, the possibilities are endless with these pieces.

What are some of the most popular small bowls for smoking marijuana? Let’s have a look at just three of these famous pieces.

1. Chillums
One of the most popular bowls for smoking are chillums. These are pieces that are no-nonsense and are straight to the point. They are typically smaller straight pipes that look very similar to a glass cigarette.

Chillums can really take discretion to the next level. Some of them even look like cigarettes in color and shape! Others are a bit larger and are made of hand-blown glass. They come in a variety of colors and designs, but they ultimately are straight. Nicknamed “one-hitters,” they are ideal for those who want just a quick hit before continuing on with their day. These pieces are exceptional for any smoker, but especially so for beginners.

2. Spoons
These are a close second in popularity to chillums. Aptly named as “spoons,” these pieces usually resemble the piece of silverware in appearance. They are a bit larger than chillums typically and aren’t straight. The “bowl” part, which is where the marijuana bud lays and is lit, is facing upwards rather than facing outwards like on the chillum.

The “bowl” part of this piece is bigger than a chillum’s, which allows for more and stronger hits to allow for higher highs. Spoons can fit so comfortably in your hand and, ultimately, in your pocket for stealthy hiding and smoking.

Another enticing feature of spoons is their individuality. You can find infinite unique pieces, and you will undoubtedly find one that closely matches your taste and personality. You can find one with your favorite color, design, food, character, and so much more!

3. Bubblers
If you are looking for a piece that is small, but harnesses the powers of both spoons and bongs, then a bubbler is the perfect small smoking bowl for you. These pieces are similar in the shape of a bong and also use water in its base to diffuse smoke. However, they are still small enough to be handheld and discrete.

Bubblers are extremely convenient for those who want a small smoking device that also allows them to have powerful and tasteful hits. Bongs can be too hefty and difficult to travel with, but chillums and spoons can be not enough in terms of strong hits. Plus, spoons and chillums don’t have a chamber for water, which acts to diffuse the smoke and create more less-abrasive, tasty smoke.

No matter which small smoking bowl you choose to add to your smoking device collection, either of these three most popular pieces will be able to satisfy your smoking needs. If you are looking for some of the best glass pipes and smoking accessories, be sure to check out FunkyPiece Smoke Shop’s extensive catalogue. Be sure to give them a call at 202-503-7715 or an email at They cannot wait to make your smoking experience reach new heights!

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