General Tips To Avoid Spending Money Traveling

General Tips To Avoid Spending Money Traveling

Here you will find additional tips that may not be specific to traveling without money but will at least help you keep costs down while traveling.

  • Do not exchange money at the airport.
    In general, airports are the ones with the worst exchange rates, Pakistan tour packages to save money on commissions it is better to carry a few dollars for emergencies but try to withdraw money from your debit card. In all airports, you will find ATMs and if not, you have a few dollars to help you get to the city.
    For more information on how I manage money on trips, click here.
  • Buy a SIM chip with the internet.
    The simplest and cheapest way to have internet anywhere in the world is to buy a local SIM chip with data, this allows you to have the internet on your cell phone no matter where you are. For more details on how to have internet and stay connected at all times, click here.
  • Travel slow.
    The more places you want to visit in the shortest possible time, the more expensive your trip will be. In addition to the transportation to get from one place to another, there is something that I dubbed the ” new tourist tax .” This term is created to define those extra expenses that you are going to have the first days in a new country simply because you do not know how much things cost.
    Something as simple as the price of a bottle of water can create confusion, am I overspending? Does this cost water? Having no point of comparison, you accept the price. A few hours later you realize that you overpaid. This is the “new tourist tax.”
    The more destinations you visit, the more times you will have to pay this tax.
  • Rent things.
    Part of packing light is to realize how little you really need to travel but sometimes you might need it, suppose you arrive at a destination where you want to go camping but you don’t have a camping tent and buying one is quite expensive, what can you do? Rent it.
    Little by little, pages have emerged on the internet where you can rent everything, literally everything. At the moment they work mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, but do not be surprised that over time the custom is spreading. Here are the names of two of them: Chitral Tours Packages
  • Earn money to travel more

Up to this point, you already know all the options that exist to travel without money or at least reduce your expenses to a minimum but how I mentioned at the beginning, regardless of your style of travel you will eventually need a little money for certain things, here you will find all the options that exist to be able to work while traveling.

Volunteering / Exchange work for accommodation.
One of the most common ways to continue traveling is to trade a few hours a day for accommodation. Sometimes it is not only lodging but it also includes food and even a small payment. It all depends on the offer you find and the place.
The most common pages to find these offers and possibilities are:

  • Woofing.
    Although it may seem similar to the previous WWoofing or WWOOF, it is a concept that your section needs. WWOOF specifically focuses on organic farms. You will go to live and work with farmers in different parts of the world, you will live and learn from them in exchange for accommodation and usually food.
  • Yogatrade.
    In case you are a certified Yoga instructor then this option may also be ideal for you. In exchange for your services as a Yoga instructor in different schools around the world you receive accommodation, food, or payment, it depends a lot on the agreement you reach.
  • Working Holiday Visa.
    Every day more countries are generating this type of opportunity for young people. If you want to know another country and work legally there, your option is this type of visa, the Working Holiday allows you to stay in another country for some time (generally one year) and look for work legally in whatever you want. You can save money to later travel and get to know the country.
    As of today, the most common with Mexico are:
  • Teach another language abroad.
    This is perhaps one of the most common ways to get a job abroad, however, I have to admit that although Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​internationally, the demand for Spanish teachers is not as high as it is for English teachers. For example, in China there is a very high demand for English teachers, there are hundreds of agencies that are dedicated to this.
    If you are interested in learning how to teach English abroad, you can read this interview  I did with two travel bloggers who have done it.
    As a general fact, the first thing you will need to teach is to have an English certificate such as TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language), with your certificate in hand you can start applying for English teacher jobs anywhere in the world.
    In case you are interested in obtaining your TEFL certificate, My World Trip together with MyTEFL offers you a 35% discount on your online certification course. You get your certificate and they even support you to put together your resume and places to find job offers.
    To validate your discount, go to the MyTEFL page  and enter the code: VIAJE35
  • Tour guide.
    This option, although possible, may not be the simplest to perform due to the different regulations of each country regarding official tourism guides, however, you can try it especially in places that do not speak Spanish and tourism from Spanish-speaking countries is growing, It is just a matter of approaching various travel agencies and asking.
    On the other hand, if you become an expert in a region or destination, you can start organizing private trips as a tourist guide. Several travelers do it, they organize 2-3 trips a year and live the rest of the months with it.
  • Diving Instructor.
    This is easier than being a tourist guide but you have to have a certification and enjoy the sea. Many diving schools around the world are constantly looking for instructors, especially in high seasons, to support them either by teaching or as a  Dive Master.
    In La Paz, the Dive Master assigned to her was Mexican and she had lived in various parts of the world for years working as a dive instructor.

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