Awesome prank ideas for April fool’s day 

Laugh and fun is the thing, which is a very important thing in anybody’s life. People do pranks not because the person wants to take some revenge on another person, but because the person just wants to have fun by pulling the prank on someone. You may also want to do pranks on April fool’s day, but you may doesn’t have the idea of pranks that you can do on April fool’s day. April fool’s day is a day for which a lot of people have waited because they know that whatever prank that they do on this day, no one going to stop them from pulling them. You also want to do some prank, but you may want to innocent prank on that day. But you don’t need to think much about it, because you are going a lot of funny prank ideas from here, which you can do on April fool’s day. The ideas are so hilarious that you are going to love those ideas, which you are going to see here. 

Balloon boom 


You may have experienced this thing maybe once in your life, and you may have expected that the thing you are seeing is a lot in number, but that thing you find is very small in number. You can do the balloon shopping online, and get it online delivery in the same way as you do the online rakhi shopping. The same type of experience you want to give to someone other as well. So what you can do, you can place a couple of balloons on the door of the window from the outside, and when you place these balloons, the person who sees the balloons may find that the room is filled with a lot of balloons. But when that person comes inside the room, then the person is going to be stunned by your prank. So this balloon boom is an idea that you can pull on April fool’s day. 


Tape on remote


You may know that entertainment is a thing which is never left out of anybody’s life. So you may know that most people use the television for entertainment, and you can do an April fool prank with it also. So what you can do, you can tape the remote and if you tape the remote, then the signal of the remote is going to be blocked, and the person is not able to use the remote. The person cannot even use the remote, no matter whether the person changes the battery of the remote. So this tape on the remote prank is an idea also, which you can do on April fool’s day also. 


Fake insect 


Everybody has some fear in their life, and fear can be associated with anything. The fear of insects is fear also, that many people have in their life. You can get online flowers delivery of these fake insects. So what you can do, you can buy some fake insects and keep that fake insect in those places, where any random person sees it, then the person is going to be afraid. You can keep the fake insect, whether on the remote, Refrigerator, or sofa and there are many other things, which you can find easy to keep the fake insect. So this fake insect idea prank if you want, then you can pull it on April fool’s day.  


Rubber band 


This prank idea is one of the most simple prank ideas, which you ever get in your life. So what you need to do for the prank, is just need a rubber band. You can keep the rubber band over the phone, remote and other things, which is very useful for the person. So if you do this thing, then what is going to happen?. The person is going to be irritated, because the person has to remove the rubber band, and has to remove the band very patiently also. So that the rubber doesn’t do any harm to the device or thing, on which the rubber band has been placed. So this rubber band prank idea, you can pull on April fool’s day. 


Your happy face tells all the story of the happiness that you are having after getting such good and exciting prank ideas, which you can pull on April day. So the prank ideas, which you are getting from here, all those ideas are that, which don’t do any harm to the person on whom you are thinking to pull the prank. So enjoy your April fool day by pulling these pranks, on whomever you want to do the prank. 


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