Benefits of Adding a Facial Toner Spray to Your Self-Care Routine

Navigating the beauty and skincare industry can be a pretty tricky experience for anyone, regardless of how much experience they may already have with these kinds of products. There are so many different brands, types of products, ingredients, and treatments that it quickly becomes an exhausting process just trying to add a single new step to your skincare routine. We find that it helps if you break things down step by step and just think about what you want for your skin. If you feel like you have a pretty balanced routine currently with a trusty cleanser and moisturizer, but you just want to add a little something to your everyday routine, we have some ideas of what you could or should use to give your skin that extra help. One easy product to recommend is a toner, specifically a facial toner spray, to use after washing your face, but before applying your serums or moisturizers. To help you understand why we would recommend adding this sort of product to your routine, we want to go over a few of the benefits that come with using a toner.

Remove Final Residue
Even after a good cleansing, your skin might still have some residual makeup, sunscreen, or oils on it. A facial toner spray after a cleanse can be a good way to eliminate that excess and clear up your skin completely so it is ready for the rest of your routine. Just apply your facial toner spray right onto your face, or spray onto a cotton pad first, and swipe that down your face to get any last bits that you missed during your wash. Many people use this step to show themselves if they need to change up their cleansing step because there should be very little remaining.

Refreshes the Skin
This part is much more experiential in your skincare routine. Applying a spray-on toner can help to refresh the skin and make you feel a little bit better after a tiresome day. A pro tip is to leave your spray in the refrigerator for a little while on a hot day before spraying your face with it for an extra cooling sensation. You can apply your facial toner spray this way at the end of a skincare routine as well, just to add that final touch and get you more relaxed.

Prep for Skincare
This is a great step to have directly before applying your moisturizer for the simple fact that skin is known to absorb moisture better when it is already damp. Applying your toner first allows your skin to get ready for the next step and will help it to process the hydration and great ingredients in your moisturizer more thoroughly, so you can get the most out of your products.

A good point to quickly mention is that there are lots of different types of toners and toner sprays on the market that all perform slightly different purposes, like some focus on hydration while others support clear skin. It is good to know what each one is used for so you can find one that targets your concerns head on.

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