Benefits of Embedding Vimeo Videos on a Website

Videos are a powerful marketing tool. Businesses have always been keen on using visual-based mediums to market their products and brands. And as digital marketing witnessed advancements, videos have become a key weapon for businesses to drive traffic, gather leads and increase revenues. Even 78% of video marketers have agreed that videos help them increase sales. That is considered one of the prime reasons that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

In this digital world, websites play an important role for the brand. As a result, businesses are actively embedding Vimeo videos on websites. Vimeo has been gaining popularity in recent times, as the platform promises high-quality videos and provides artistic space to the creators. With more artistic freedom, creators can make more creative and engaging videos for the viewers.

There are various methods that you can use to embed Vimeo videos on the website. Still, we recommend you use social media aggregators, as these tools ease your embedding process and provide amazing features that add more significance to this strategy. 

Social media aggregators help you in various other ways as well, like – they provide customization features that help to personalize your Vimeo widget and provide it appropriate look as per your need or match it with the style of your website, to give your website a professional look. Moreover, the tool updates the feed automatically, saving your time of manually refreshing the feed or embedding the videos one by one. With more such features such as moderation, custom CSS, and more, social media aggregators are certainly one of the best marketing tools. You can easily find various social media aggregators on the internet and embed Vimeo videos with ease.

As mentioned above, the website plays an important role for businesses in this digital world. Hence, keeping that in mind, this blog will be listing some major benefits of embedding video videos on the website.

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Advantages Of Embedding Vimeo Videos on website

Vimeo videos are known for providing high-quality videos, and by integrating them on your website can take your businesses to the next level, as this embedding strategy helps in the following ways :

Adds vibrancy to your website

In this competitive environment, businesses are looking forward to add X-factor in the brands, and whether it is related to product or marketing strategy, businesses are always looking for having that unique or special feature. When it comes to the website, the best way to attract an audience is by making an appealing website and what can be a better option than embedding videos on the website.

As videos are colorful and are lively, they bring that needed vibrancy to the website. And as the website becomes more appealing to the visitors, businesses expect more audiences for their brand. As we know, more brands means more chances of attaining sales.

Makes the website engaging

You can either opt to post videos from your Vimeo channel or display videos using hashtags. Either way, it makes the website engaging. By embedding your own Vimeo channel you can showcase the different aspects of your products to your viewer or educate them about your brand/product. 

Or you can choose to showcase feeds using hashtags. One simple example is using the hashtag of your industry. With this, your visitors can view the videos related to your industry and stay up to date with all the latest happenings for the industry. 

Or you can even provide your brand’s hashtag to creators and your customers, where Vimeo users can create a video for your brand. Then, you can embed them on your website to keep the visitors engaged and encourage other customers to make videos for your brand. A customer feels valued when a brand features their content on the website, hence it is a win-win situation.

Strengthens Vimeo presence 

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life, and people often determine a brand’s reputation from their social media strength. And to grow social media following, people must know about your social media presence on different platforms.

By embedding Vimeo videos on the website, visitors can get a sneak into your Vimeo presence and even have the option to follow your channel. And once they are aware of your Vimeo presence, you can even provide more details to your customers with the help of video content. 

Summing It Up

As websites become the online representatives of the brands, it becomes important that you have an appealing website as it attracts customers and enhances the brand reputation. Embedding Vimeo videos on the website is the smartest way to provide a charm to the website. With the help of social media aggregators, you can easily embed the videos and get an edge over your competitors.



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