Best Avatar Maker Apps For Android and iPhone

These days, people are creating their own avatars using different applications and sharing them on social media in the form of profiles pictures or WhatsApp DPs. Some examples include – Instagram stories for post-worthy moments that last less than 15 seconds; profile pics with captions about what you’re doing right now (or something zany) which could be anything from your daily life to mundane activities such as brushing teeth. 

Nowadays we all have these apps where it’s super easy and fun to create an online alter ego called ‘Avatar’. You can dress this character up however way you want by choosing between many diverse outfits/costumes. 

With more and more people using avatars on social media, there is a need for an app that can help you make your own personalized avatar. Avatar maker apps provide this service by letting users create unique profiles with customizable features like changing hair color or clothing collection. 

Avatar Maker Apps For Android and iPhone

You’re looking for the perfect way to express yourself? Well, we’ve got just what you need! There’s an best avatar maker apps that will help take your imagination and transform it into a 3D avatar. You can choose from hundreds of outfits in different colors so there are endless possibilities when designing yours because they come with their own accessories too. 

Hats or wings depending on preference. The best part about these avatars is how customizable everything has been made which means no matter who makes up this character (you), everyone could have something unique while also being able make use out all features found within every platform available today: Android devices as well iOS system-powered smartphones & tablets alike. 

1: Mojipop

MojiPop is an app to create avatars and add a pinch of humor into your chats. You can make goofy cartoon stickers that will change the way you chat, or let friends know who’s on without opening WhatsApp with these unique messages! The Mojipop team has made their platform available for both Android users as well iOS so download it now from either Google Play Store or App Store respectively for free fun today- because everyone deserves some extra “sugar” in life.

2: Avatar & Cartoon Maker

Personalize your profile with a customized and personalized avatar or design an emoji of yourself. Download the Zmoji app for Android, iOS devices to access this fun feature that allows you create emojis from scratch! You can share these new creations on social media networks like Instagram where everyone will know how creative you really are when chatting online. 

With the rise of social media, people are using more and more emoji’s in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. At Zmoji we have a solution for you. With our app available on both iOS and Android devices, it allows users to create their own emojis with creativity that is sure never go unnoticed by friends across all networks – let them know how much they mean every time an individualized character pops up during chat conversations instead of just generic smileys/heart symbols. 

3: Anime Avatar Maker


If you want to find the best anime avatar maker app for yourself, then this is it! You can create your very own character or Amine from any template that suits. Use lots of cool features in this easy-to use application such as detailed customization options and fun facial expressions with different styles on each one depending upon which look would suit better. 

We’ve got all sorts here including lovely ladies dressed up like clothes horses galloping around looking ecstatic about life while holding swords overhead (or perhaps they’re flowers?), soldiers attacking some poor unfortunate soul who does not know what’s coming next…no matter how creative be there will always something unique waiting just round. 


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