5 Best Eyelet Curtains In Dubai For Shopping

Best 5 Eyelet Curtains Dubai

Eyelet curtains are one of the most popular styles in modern curtains. Not only are they reasonably priced but also very easy to use and handle. Their installation is simple, and you can hang them over your existing curtain rods. Once up, all you need to do is shake or brush the dust off them periodically. In this article, we will explore some of the best eyelet curtains in Dubai which curtains Express has to offer.

1- Eyelet Curtain Pack 

This luxurious pack consists of twelve pieces in total including enough white panels for two windows (four panes) with a large matching swag set comprising six pieces. They are washable made from 100% polyester with hidden tabs and come with the luxury closet’s risk-free guarantee.

2- Patterned Shower Curtain    

This is one of Bed Bath and Beyond’s most popular items. Not only does it look more expensive than what you would expect to pay for, but it is also made from 100% polyester for easy care whilst being very durable. It has a luxurious look thanks to its rich color pattern, and at 107 cm in width, there are enough panels here to cover two windows (four panes)  with a band of matching fabric running around the top hem. You can match this curtain with a set of curtains or blinds from their website too!

3- Eyelet Curtain Set from IKEA 

This set is certainly worth considering given its price and quality. The set includes four panels in total, and you can match them with other eyelet products too. They are made from 100% polyester for easy care and have a band of matching fabric around the top hem.

4- Solid White Curtains 

These curtains are beautifully designed with an elegant finish that will act as a great neutral style statement when used together or even on their own when hung between two windows. These are not just excellent value but also extremely durable thanks to their machine washable 100% polyester make. You can purchase these online or visit the store near you!

5- Striped  Curtains 

For a more casual look that is also guaranteed to stay in fashion, consider these stylish striped curtains. They come as a set of four panels and are made from 100% polyester for easy care. The lace pattern decorating the lower half gives them an elegant finish while the fabric’s color ensures they can be used throughout any room in your home looking great with or without other matching items. Shop online now or visit one of their many locations across the country!

Benefits Of Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are simple in design but suit just about any home décor.

The practical benefits of eyelet curtains are that they will last for years, and installation is extremely easy. If you want to change the look of your room or even the color scheme, you can do so without a huge outlay thanks to their durable make. They come in as many different colors and styles as there are patterns making them extremely versatile too!


When shopping for eyelet curtains Dubai has plenty of choices on offer. Their neutral look means they are suitable for almost any room, and because of their style, affordability, and practicality, they remain one of the most popular types available today. With low-cost delivery across the UAE, you can have your new eyelet curtains at home in no time.

So there you have it; some of the best eyelet curtains Dubai can offer! There are plenty more styles available, and once you’ve made a decision for your own home, be sure to let us know how they look and what you think about them.

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