Best Oil and Gas Courses in the UAE

The Best Oil and Gas courses in UAE aren’t hard to identify, but it certainly does take some effort to figure out that the best schools are in this part of the Middle East right now. Geysers can be found on numerous oil platforms throughout the Middle East, from Iran to Dubai to Saudi Arabia. The training involved can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of course you’re interested in. You may be as surprised as I was when I found out there’s a Best Oil and gas course that will actually allow you to work on the rigs. I’d say that there’s one out there in UAE.

One of the best oil and gas courses in UAE is Offshore Management and Planning

A program put up by the Dubai Petroleum Corporation (DPC). It isn’t actually a school, though one can assume that since it’s run by major oil and gas courses in Abu Dhabi company, their standards are pretty high. What I found interesting about Offshore Management and Planning, is that the curriculum is specifically designed to prepare people for jobs in the field, including managerial and administrative posts, as well as those in scientific and environmental research.

What makes these courses so unique?

The best oil and gas courses in UAE basically cover all the bases from geology, engineering, economics, accounting and marketing. You’ll learn how to manage projects from a logistician’s perspective, managing storage and distribution as well as the actual operations of drilling and production. The curriculum will include both classroom and practical exercises to prepare students for their jobs and internships offshore. Many graduates have gone on to successful careers on oil rigs.

At the outset of the Offshore Management and Planning program

You’ll learn the basic skills needed to be successful on an oil rig. You’ll study geology and you’ll learn the fundamentals of engineering. Once you’ve got a solid grounding in these subjects, you’ll learn how to approach a project from an operational and scheduling standpoint, as well as how to prepare for the unexpected. At the end of the four-week program, you will be ready to take your first offshore oil job.

During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned on offshore oil rig through real life practice. This means you’ll have the opportunity to implement what you’ve learned in class by taking a field trip to an offshore oil rig. During the field trip, you will not only see the equipment in use, but the operation itself.

Dubai Program offers the most hands-on experience of any of the Dubai programs

Students get to work in the field right alongside their training partners. This is an extremely valuable advantage over many programs. In addition, the program incorporates guest speakers who bring real world business expertise to students. These professionals are seasoned entrepreneurs who bring practical and insightful information to students.

The best courses teach you about energy. You’ll learn the fundamentals of extracting oil and gas from the earth. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of how these resources are harnessed and used. Energy courses take a holistic approach to the whole business. They include lessons about how to safely manage energy projects and the regulations that govern them.


Once you complete an offshore oil and gas course in Dubai, you’ll be ready to apply for a job at a reputable oil company. If you are an American, your dream school is the George Washington University Graduate School of Business. The school specializes in entrepreneurship and corporate finance, focusing on fields like communications, engineering, economics, and management. The school has been known to produce successful entrepreneurs. If you want to know more about becoming an entrepreneur, you can visit their website.


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