Best School in Bangalore for pre-schooling.

Best School in Bangalore for pre-schooling.

The Global Montessori Plus Nursery Program at GIIS is well-designed and based on the greatest Montessori methods. Their outstanding GMP curriculum promotes a positive learning environment for students, emphasising Multiple Intelligence and Futuristic pedagogy while integrating unique theory with GIIS’ cutting-edge teaching methods.

At GIIS, they make sure that their students are well-mentored so that they may develop the required basic skills, be ready to face future academic challenges, and develop a love of learning throughout their academic careers.

Bangalore Preschools

Nursery education is crucial in every child’s life since it provides an enriching environment, academic simulation, and various opportunities for socialisation at a young age. Youth schooling is basic for kids’ passionate, intellectual, social, and actual prosperity.  Preschool education that is of excellent quality encourages children and parents to pursue elementary and secondary education in the future. Pre-primary education creates a strong foundation for children, helping them to readily absorb information as they go through their academic careers.

 Admissions Age Requirements 

GIIS welcomes kids seeking admission to Montessori preschool and kindergarten school as one of Bangalore’s premier preschools. Students who are 2.5 years old can enrol in pre-nursery, and those who are 3.5 years old can enrol in KG1/Junior KG. Students must be at least 4.5 years old to be admitted to KG2/Senior KG.

Benefits of GIIS preschool in Bangalore

  • A Smooth Transition

At GIIS, students are taught by well-trained teachers who keep a careful check on them. Montessori students are slowly presented to fundamental subjects to acquaint them with ideas and hypotheses that will help them in accomplishing future educational goals. This creates a pleasant, dynamic learning atmosphere that promotes physical, mental, and emotional growth while also allowing for a smooth transition from one grade to the next.

  • Experienced Teachers

Teachers at GIIS are qualified, experienced, and certified professionals who are passionate about helping students develop into successful adults. All of the faculty members are well-versed in cutting-edge teaching techniques and create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for the students. They support students in their everyday activities and instil knowledge and optimism as they move through their academic careers.

  • 9 Gems

The award-winning 9 GEMS comprehensive educational system, which blends the best of Eastern and Western pedagogical approaches, emphasizes athletics, skills, and values in addition to academics. In their methodology, which focuses on the total development of young learners in nine areas of excellence, they have integrated the greatest teaching and learning techniques from across the world. Students learn via reading, experiences, and conversation under the 9 GEMS method, which is focused on project-based, collaborative learning. As the best school in Bangalore GIIS ensures that they provide a holistic curriculum that is student-centric in nature.

  • Extracurricular activities (ECA)

The diverse range of ECAs provided at GIIS aids in the development of social skills, critical thinking skills, and collaboration ability, establishing them as one of the top preschools in Bangalore. Many extracurricular events are organized with students divided into four Houses to encourage healthy competition, a desire to win, and pride in accomplishments. Students acquire a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and brotherhood as a result of this.

  • Co-curricular activities (CCA)

Co-curricular activities, according to GIIS, are an important element of a complete education that helps students’ overall development. CCAs help kids develop social skills, critical thinking skills, and collaboration while also allowing them to exhibit their inherent talents. They provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, and every student is expected to engage in at least one of them.

  • Safety and security 

As one of the Best preschools in Bangalore, GIIS has taken the necessary steps to guarantee that kids and staff are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they depart. Each level has a well-researched and executed blend of traditional and new security features.


While scholarly achievement is vital at all levels, general qualities, morals, discipline, inventiveness, and character improvement are similarly as significant. Small kids are outstanding students who are anxious to investigate, analyze, and extend their insight. GIIS sees it as their responsibility to provide a wide range of chances to young pupils in order to help them grow into future leaders.

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