Can Wi-Fi Providers See Visited Sites Using Incognito?

We browse through a lot of websites every day and enter a lot of confidential information on different web pages. Your search history, interest, browsing behaviour, shopping history, everything is public unless you take precautionary measures to safeguard this information. Ever wondered whenever you search for something, the next time you open the browser, you start getting advertisements of the same product?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Google Search engine collect a lot of information for advertisement and marketing purposes. Even if you go incognito, your confidential information travels through the ISP servers. Incognito mode only safeguards your confidential data from the search engine but not from the Wi-Fi service provider. Can Wi-Fi Providers See Visited Sites Using Incognito? The answer is YES! Let’s learn how you can prevent this information from the ISP or the search engine.

Where is Your Data Saved?

Your data is vulnerable to several data-hungry servers as data miners collect data for marketing and advertisement purposes. There are majorly five stages where your data is compromised.

Website – The websites you visit also ask you to fill out some information. A few of them stores data for marketing purposes.

Your Device – Every device creates and stores cookies, cache files and temp files to open the same webpages quickly. This data can be easily accessed by you or anyone else who has access to it.

Search Engine – Search Engines like Google Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, or others also store your history, data, location, browsing behaviour and other confidential information.

Wi-Fi Router – Your Wi-Fi router also stores information about the connected devices, OS, version, device platform and users. Your Wi-Fi router maintains a log file that keeps a record of all the activities.

ISP – Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) also stores a lot of information for data collection, advertisement and marketing purposes. The ISP has access to all the data that travels through your device and the data tunnel.

How You Can Protect Your Privacy?

Your privacy is in your hand! There are a few tricks that you can try to protect your confidential information. Now that you know that Wi-Fi providers can see your visited sites using incognito mode, you can follow these steps for better protection.

Clear Cache and Cookies

It is essential to clear cache and cookies from your computer and your browser.

Clear Cookies from Computer – Press (Win + R), type Temp and hit the Enter key. Press (Ctrl + A) to select all the files and press Shift + Delete. Repeat the same steps by typing %Temp% and Prefetch to completely delete cookies and temp files.

Clear Cookies from Browser – Open the Browser and click on the three dots to get into Settings. Click on Clear Browsing Data under the Privacy and Security section. Select All Time for the time range and click on the Clear Data button.

Under the Privacy and Security section, click on Cookies and other site data. Scroll down the page and toggle ON the ‘clear cookies and site data when you close all windows’ option.

Use Tor Browser

Using Tor Browsers can protect your privacy and safeguards your anonymity. These browsers transfer your data through a secured and encrypted tunnel that randomize the series of different servers. The Tor Browser is developed by US Navy for a higher level of privacy and anonymity.

Switch Your DNS Settings

Domain Name Systems (DNS) works as a physical address of your device’s address book. Whenever you click any link, give any command, or request any information, your DNS executes the search and gets you the requested information. An unsecured DNS can re-route the webpages and open sites and links that can be vulnerable for your device. There are detailed Microsoft settings to change DNS.

Use Systweak VPN

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works as a secured shield to safeguard your privacy and secure your confidential data. VPN not only secures your data from external threats but also offers enhanced security when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. While travelling, we connect to multiple public Wi-Fi and hotspots at airports, Restaurants, or shared workspaces.

Systweak VPN ensures that your anonymity is kept secured by changing your IP address and you can browse any website without revealing your personal information or reveal your identity.

Systweak VPN Features

  • Systweak VPN has a SmartDNS feature for Ultra-fast streaming.
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  • Connects through 4500+ Secured servers with around 200+ locations in 53+ countries.
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  • Systweak VPN offers AES 256-Bit Military Grade secured encryption tunnel to transfer your data.
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  • Securely connect to your company website, CRM, or servers without compromising data.
  • Bypass all geographical restrictions, ISP restrictions, and country-specific blocked sites.
  • It has a Zero Log policy that means there are no logs created of your browsing history.
  • It uses an advanced Kill Switch to protect your data during accidental signal drops.
  • Comes with Public Wi-Fi Protection & DNS leak protection features.

Summing Up

Can Wi-Fi Providers See Visited Sites Using Incognito? The straight answer is YES! You need to safeguard your data with the tips discussed in this article. Systweak VPN offers robust security while connecting to any public or private network. It helps you go anonymous by changing your IP address and allows you to transfer your data through a secured tunnel. Keep it Safe!


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