Career in Android Development – Beginner’s Guide

A career in Android app development allows you to create mobile applications that can be used on Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Take a look at this guide to discover the possibilities.

Android app developers create applications for Android devices. Mobile apps have transformed mobile devices into handheld computers, changing the way people interact with them. By creating apps that are relied upon by smartphone users everywhere, you could be part of this mobile revolution.

Obtaining an Android app developer job is an entry-level position, but the job requires certain skills. In order to create an app, you need a basic understanding of programming languages. We’ll discuss these as well as other skills necessary for this career.

Training in Android Application Development

The Careers in Android development are not something you can simply walk into and apply for. In recent years, serious endeavors have been hiring qualified experts to help them build their applications. It will be necessary for you to be familiar with many programming languages, as well as have a degree. A certification in mobile computing, engineering science, or programming framework design might be a good pick if you don’t want to specialize in flexible application development specifically.

Most employers request mobile application developers with at least a degree in software system engineering, mobile application development, mobile computing, engineering science, or an analogous programming-centric field of study. Recruiters for Android development positions will want to see a portfolio of completed Android application tests. Students in the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs create a diverse range of mobile applications for the leading mobile platforms, and specialized lessons on presenting yourself as a high candidate for mobile developer positions, within which active mobile development practitioners assist you to assemble the apps created throughout the program into an industry-specific portfolio, resume and cover letter.

During a mobile development education program, look for the following skills:

  • object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Java programming (Java SE/ME/EE)
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Objective-C and C++ programming, UI (UI) style
  • game and simulation programming
  • Creating a portfolio of mobile apps
  • Information base and OS fundamentals
  • mobile media promoting.


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Work Positions in Mainframe

There has been a dangerous increase in the number of mobile devices sold. This development is taking care of the amplified interest of android application developers. Due to the advancement of portable devices, organizations and independent mobile app developers have a great deal of work available since cell phones and tablets have consistently changed how individuals communicate work, shop, and access news.

There are around 220 million reasonable telephone users in India. A larger part of those – generally 80th – is android customers. By 2020, there will be 810 million reasonable android customers. Also, as this development cycle unfolds, Android Application engineers and clients will grow.

As indicated by employing chiefs and IT selection representatives, The demand for android app developers still far exceeds the arrangement. Many foremost widespread enterprises recruiting android app developers embody game studios, publicizing and elevating partnerships that plan to make a marked application for customers, media organizations that recognize versatility as a solid substance showcasing, government offices, and cash foundations that wish to carry their center administrations to android customers, programming framework improvement companies and land offices.

The work commercial center for Android application improvement is expected to make more than 135,000 new situations in the approaching 2024.

As an android app developer, your skills and training could qualify you for a variety of popular jobs, including:

Mobile App Developer

Android App Developer

iPhone/iOS Application Developer

Windows Mobile App Developer

Computer programmer

Java Application Developer

Objective-C Developer


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