Checking Compatibility in Unicycle or Bike Seatpost Clamps

Unicycle or bike seatpost clamps have a basic function. They sit around the top of the unicycle’s frame (or the bike’s) underneath the saddle. The seatpost tube is inserted into the frame with the clamp closing onto the frame tube which tightens around the seatpost. As the name suggests, they “clamp” around the frame tube to prevent the saddle from twisting or to secure the seatpost at a given height, preventing it from sinking while you ride.

It is a basic function, but it’s central to comfort and handling. Without a functional unicycle or bike seatpost clamp, you wouldn’t be able to make fine, on-the-fly adjustments to saddle height and it would be uncomfortable or even impossible to ride. Luckily, most seatpost clamps are easily adjustable via a set of quick-release clamps or bolts, enabling easy adjustments to saddle height.

You just need to make sure that the seatpost clamp you buy will be compatible with your unicycle or bike if you intend to exchange the factory model.

Why Would You Change It in the First Place?
Many unicycles come with seapost clamps that have either one or two bolts. In order to adjust these, you need a special tool (sometimes a hex wrench) in order to loosen and tighten the bolts. They provide a very secure fit but are not the easiest to adjust, especially in the field.

Some riders might choose instead to switch to quick release clamps by which the saddle height can be adjusted without the need for tools.

What Size Is It?
The first thing you need to ensure is that the unicycle seatpost clamp you’re intending to buy as a replacement is the right size for your unicycle frame and seat post. The majority of unicycles will accept seatpost clamps that are one of two sizes, with some Nimbus models (Eclipse and Equinox unicycles) requiring clamps to fit their 34.9mm frames.

Many other unicycles will take either bolt or quick-release seatpost clamps that are either 28.6mm or 31.8mm. Generally speaking, 28.6mm seatpost clamps are compatible with 28.6mm frames and will accept 25.4mm seatposts, whereas 31.8mm seatpost clamps are compatible with corresponding frames and will accept seat post tubes of 27.2mm.

Check the Unicycle (or bike) Specifications
If you can’t tell from the product specifications associated with a unicycle or bike seat clamp whether or not it will fit your unicycle or bike frame, the next best thing you can do is to check the product specifications of the unicycle itself.

To be sure you’re buying a compatible model, you need the seatpost clamp size and the seatpost diameter, which should both be prominently listed in the bike or unicycle’s product listing specifications.

Contact’s Customer Service
If you can’t tell from the product listing of either the unicycle or the seatpost clamp itself whether or not it will be compatible (some seatpost clamps specifically mention models with which they are not compatible) you can get in touch with the customer service team at and ask them directly.

Let them know why you want to replace your seatpost clamp and they’ll help you choose a model that will work with your bike or unicycle. Give them a call at 678-494-4962 to get started.

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