What Material Should You Choose For Your Outdoor Furniture?

Garden furniture, also known as patio furniture or outdoor furniture is a kind of outdoor furniture specially designed for outdoor usage. It is normally made of weather-resistant synthetic materials like aluminum that is also rust-proof.

Choose Outdoor Furniture

Some outdoor furniture is made in such a way that it can be used even in the wintertime. Best Outdoor furniture Dubai has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market.

 Rattan and wicker chairs

The first outdoor furniture that people used was made up of rattan and wicker chairs. These days, the options are many and include various kinds of materials. For example, there are outdoor furniture pieces made from aluminum and steel. Others are made from high-quality wicker and other kinds of materials. They are specially designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Recycle old chairs & tables

Another great choice is the ones made from recycled materials. People can recycle old chairs and tables to make these items more useful again. Recycled furniture is extremely durable and is an environmentally friendly option as well.

hardwood and resin Furniture

Outdoor furniture made from hardwood and resin is also durable. These materials are not only beautiful, but they also withstand all weather conditions and are not prone to rotting, cracking and splitting. Resin outdoor materials have UV rays-protected properties. These materials will not fade or change color in the presence of sunlight. They can be left out in the sun all day and still look nice and new.

There are some furniture pieces that are lightweight such as tables and chairs that are made from wrought iron and aluminum. These kinds of materials can be carried around easily because they are light in weight. Because they are lightweight, you can carry them from one place to another without much of a hassle.

Iron and aluminum furniture

Wrought iron and aluminum furniture are also resistant to mold and mildew. These materials do not allow moisture to get inside them and mildew to set on them. This is because aluminum and the wrought iron are highly resistant to corrosion. In fact, these materials can be placed outdoors even during extreme weather conditions because they are resistant to rusting.

Teak wood

Teak is an excellent choice for materials used in outdoor furniture. Teak wood is known for its resistance to weather and moisture. Wood furniture made from teak wood will not change in color nor will it lose its strength in the rain. You can leave your teak furniture outside all year long without having to worry about it being ruined by rain or moisture.

Outdoor furniture cushions

The next way to weatherproof your outdoor furniture cushions is by using fabrics that are naturally resistant to rot. Some fabrics that are naturally resistant to rot include cotton and polyester. Other fabrics that are resistant to rot include denim, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. These fabrics will all resist rot and are great for use in outdoor upholstery.

When choosing the best fabric for your outdoor cushions, it is important to note that teak is a dense hardwood that is affected by water. If you find that any fabrics are soft or not very durable, you may want to consider another type of fabric that will be stronger and more durable. Many companies offer all-weather teak covers that will keep your furniture cushions from being ruined by rain and water.


A common choice in low-maintenance patio furniture is aluminum. However, while aluminum does have some advantages, such as its durability, it also has some disadvantages. Some types of aluminum, especially the more durable types, can rust easily. The other type of aluminum, which is commonly used for outdoor lighting fixtures, can rust if it is exposed to too much moisture. These two issues combined mean that aluminum patio furniture is not the best choice for those who want their furniture to withstand the elements for many years.


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