Click-to-Call: How it Boosts Your Customer Experience

With the social media and constant texting habits of millennials, one would believe that customers don’t want to dial up a company. However, this is far from true- customers want to interact with businesses on call. They may want to call to inquire about a product or service. They might call you when they are facing a problem and they need support. However, in order to finally connect with the right agent or person in your organization, they would have to “find’ the required person. This can get extremely unnerving to a customer and reflect badly upon your services and business.

This is where Click-to-call comes into play. A click-to-call software removes all of the elements that lead to unpleasant customer experiences. Rather than a customer calling the business and traversing through n-number of steps, they can click on a button and get directly in touch with your business. Hence, the solution of click-to-call is apt to delight your customers and boost their experience with your brand.

Click-to-calls software is a cloud-hosted tool that lets companies turn their website clicks to convert to potential customers. All one needs to add is to add a box on the website that would prompt the visitor to add their contact details for them to get a call. Once the request is submitted, a call is automatically made between an agent and the customer.

How Click to Call helps engage users better

Interaction on the voice channel is an important prompt or nudge to the buying process. There are various studies that reiterate the same. A telephonic engagement between customers and business is crucial to building trust for your brand in the minds of the customers. Having a Click-to-call widget on the website or app helps provide a customer a prompt to call the business if they even have a single strain of doubt in their mind about the product. The most obvious usage of starting a conversation is there as well.

1. Get more leads and business

Customers sift through a number of products and services before finally getting to spend their money on something. A crucial part of this sifting is in-depth research is visiting the company website. Hence, it is very important for a business to have a click-to-call widget on their website to capture the lead in the time when they are researching. When the customer is done with the research they can quickly submit their details for a callback. If the business’ product matches the customer’s need and the agent script is good, this can very much lead to finally buying the said business’ products or services.

2. Enhance Agent Productivity

The features of Click-to-Call software are extremely helpful to a contact center’s agent. When integrated with the CRM of the business, the Click-to-call feature eases the call process massively for agents. An agent wouldn’t have to physically type a number. All they need to do is press the call button to connect with the customer who willfully submitted their details.

As every agent has to place a lot of calls every day, the click-to-call software helps do away with this redundant task. Also, this leaves any room for error or dialing the wrong number.

3. Minimize Call Abandonment & Reduce Call Wait

People don’t like to wait to hear back from a business after sifting through the various menus of IVR. Customers are dissatisfied and sometimes even furious when this happens. Implementing a Click-to-Call to manage voice communication can remove such unwanted experiences. The efforts and hassle of hanging on a call to connect with the right agent also get removed when a Click-to-Call Software is used to manage voice calls.

4. Optimize Business Operations with Data Insights

Cloud Communication companies like Knowlarity empower businesses with data on how the click-to-call software is performing. Through the analytical dashboard, business leaders can find out the number of requests submitted on your app or website along with call duration, etc. These calls can be even mapped to any previous interactions of the business with CRM Integration

Click-to-Call – The Way to Boost Customer Experience

To be able to connect with customers with their choice and consent is crucial these days. A solution of Click to Call from a service provider like Knowlarity can amplify your customer engagement efforts.



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