6 Common Computer Virus Symptoms with Solutions and Tips

Microsoft Windows operating system has evolved a lot in the past few years. A lot of utilities were added including bug fixes, patches, version updates, and enhanced the performance of the user experience. Windows Defender was introduced with Windows 8 to enhance the security of the system however users still faced common Computer Virus symptoms.

There are a lot of symptoms that can indicate any sort of infection or suspicious activity on our computer. If you are not taking action on the notifications and alerts, you may face critical system issues and compromise on your data. We have compared and listed the top 6 common Computer Virus symptoms with solutions and tips to fix them. If you are facing any of these symptoms, it’s time to take appropriate action and fix issues on your computer.

How Virus Attacks?

Before we cure, we need to understand the root cause of the virus infections. Cybercriminals, hackers and ransomware convicts attach virus embedded codes and programs to multiple software that we download from different sources. As you execute the program, the virus-infected code also gets triggered and installs on your computer.

The virus has a tendency to spread from file to file, folders, sectors directories, and rootkits on your computer or other computers attached to your network. Some viruses are of playful intent and made just to corrupt the functionality while others are harmful and meant for serious damages.

How Virus Spreads?

Cybercriminals can steal data, passwords, logging information, keystrokes, banking details, autofill information, spam your email contacts, corrupt files, and even take over your machine in their control. You may also start getting ransomware threats to shed out money to rescue your data. These criminals can erase your data, corrupt your hard drive, crash your operating system or bring down your website, server, CRM and a lot of other damages.

You never know when and how are you spreading the virus from one device to another. Viruses can easily be spread through infected files, emails, text messages, links, downloads, attachments, social media links, corrupt storage devices or through connecting to a corrupt network. A lot of infected apps are even listed on Google Play Store or App Store. By the time they are identified and removed from these portals, they have already victimized a lot of users.

Common Computer Virus Symptoms

A few of the common computer virus symptoms can be relatable while others may be new to you!

Changes in System Properties: You may find sudden changes in the system properties and settings that automatically shuffle your settings.

Sudden Reboot: Your system may start acting crazy and reboot without any command.

Sluggish Performance: You may observe the sluggish performance of your computer. Unexpected delays in responses can be due to RAM issues or due to a virus infection.

Unwanted Desktop Icons: You may recognize new software installed on your computer automatically and their icons on your desktop or Start menu. They have this tendency to automatically install and execute their services.

Website Redirection: You may observe sudden redirection to unknown and untrusted websites without your intention. Always look for HTTPS:// security certificate lock on the address bar and ensure you check the website URL before hitting the Enter key.

Freezing Windows: You may encounter frequent popups appearing on your screen. Your computer may freeze unexpectedly and stop responding to your commands.

The sooner you realize any of these common computer virus symptoms, need to act at the earliest. Download and install the best computer virus protection for 2021 and scan your device for viruses.

Systweak Antivirus

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Systweak Antivirus is one of the best antivirus software in 2021 to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, trojan, ransomware and other likely threats. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 SP1. Systweak Antivirus has won its 4th consecutive VB100 certification award for virus detection and has cleared viruses from over 5 million computers just within a few months of launch.

Systweak Antivirus Features

Auto Updates: Systweak Antivirus has this feature to automatically update its virus database. The library refreshes and fetches information about the latest released viruses and threats to compare the system database for any match. It protects from zero-day attacks. All the new virus definitions are updated at a regular interval.

Delete OR Quarantine: Systweak Antivirus gives you the option to delete or quarantine found infections. You can also configure settings to automatically delete found infections in any of the files.

Real-Time Protection: Systweak Antivirus algorithm is designed to continuously scan and protect your computer. Regardless you are working or the system is in an idle stage, while downloading something or while banking/shopping online, it constantly checks and protects your data from potential threats.

Multi-layer Security: Systweak Antivirus performs a quick scan and deep scan on all storage devices that are connected to your computer. This multilevel scanning helps in identifying potential threats without using a lot of system resources. It also performs scans on external storage devices, emails, attachments, webpages, downloads, browser activities, app installation, etc.

Additional Features: Systweak Antivirus offers antivirus security at its best, it also offers additional features like Driver Updater, Duplicate Files Remover, Software Uninstaller, Privacy Protection, and other features.

Total Security: Systweak Antivirus offers all in one security for 360-degree protection. Protect your computer from different types of viruses, spyware, malware, bugs, trojan, worms, and adware.

Summing Up

If you ever encounter these common computer virus symptoms, don’t ignore them and scan your computer then and there. Download and install the Systweak Antivirus application to offer ultimate security and optimization of your computer. Common computer virus symptoms and grave issues can be easily rectified with the help of Systweak Antivirus. Keep it Safe!


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