Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing Challenges

Content marketing is an indispensable business tool that allows you to solve several strategically essential tasks.

Driving traffic and improving site positions

Knowing the statistics of queries in search engines – what interests users, you can create informative, functional, and relevant content to take the top in search results. It both promotes products or services and helps users find answers.

Expanding your marketing funnel

Before closing a deal, most customers go through several stages in the sales funnel. Content marketing brings as many people as possible to the bottom of the buying stage. To achieve this through different means typical. For each step: through attraction, “warm-up,” the actualization of the problem, and so on.

Detachment from competitors

Buyers compare similar offers from different companies, choosing the most optimal option in terms of budget and quality. Expert content and well-established communication will help the brand to persuade the client in its favor.

You can explain to the customer how your product solves their problem, what it is for, and how it functions. This forms a trusting relationship with the buyer, who will see interest, a desire to help him, and favor an expert and communicative brand.

Studying your customers

Feedback is an essential step in communicating with customers. To receive feedback through various channels, including through publications on social networks. Under the posts, people discuss inherent difficulties with the product while the company collects this information for future troubleshooting and provides advice.

Feedback helps you explore the needs, concerns, and expectations of your customers. Thanks to this communication channel, problem areas are identified in the presentation of the product, its quality, technical characteristics, etc.

 The image of an expert and building trust

Brands strive for trust when building a content marketing strategy. It is especially relevant for selling an expensive product for which it is difficult to find buyers. The client should be attracted to the brand to not worry about possible difficulties when purchasing a product or service. For example, this rule applies to medical and veterinary clinics, premises renovation services, website promotion, purchase of expensive training, etc.

Increasing awareness

Recognition is another criterion for the audience’s trust in the company. If the brand has been known for a long time, it automatically increases customer loyalty. It is better to raise awareness through expert content promoted on different platforms and in the media. It takes longer to recruit loyal customers in this way than through entertainment content, but at the same time, the audience is more reliable and more disposed towards the brand.

User-assisted promotion

Users share the information that they find particularly interesting and meaningful. Reposts on social networks, messengers increase brand awareness, increasing the percentage of coverage. Free user promotion is formed by marking the official accounts of the brand, reviews on its products.

People readily trust ordinary buyers, believing that there is no advertising appeal in their recommendations. A quality product is getting a promotion on its own, and content marketing helps draw attention to it.

Who is content marketing for?

In terms of scale

There is no limit to the size of the business or project that uses it for content marketing. All the benefits of this approach are available to both a local social project to attract activists and a multinational company to attract paying clients worldwide.

From a product point of view

It is more difficult to determine the relevance of content marketing for the most promoted product. There are several situations where content will have a positive impact on sales:

  • New product. Telling about a new product is a logical task. Familiarizing the audience with an unfamiliar product or service is necessary – it works to increase trust.
  • The high cost of the product automatically lengthens the purchase cycle. Thoughtful and friendly content marketing comes to the rescue of sellers, gently and purposefully leading the thinking customer to the purchase.
  • A technologically complex product requires a high level of consumer awareness. Content marketing is great as a kind of “preparatory course” for the audience.
  • The presence of the process. Therefore, almost every business can launch a column to acquaint users with the fascinating process of developing and producing an unfamiliar or already loved product while increasing the level of loyalty.

In some cases, content marketing can be a waste of time:

  • Consumer goods and spontaneous purchases do not require a severe approach. People consume simple everyday goods and services almost without thinking. In such cases, they tend to pay attention to price and local availability.
  • Forced occasional expenses, such as notary services for certification of a document, are born without prior acquaintance with the product. The list of quality certificates for the service provided is minimal.

Special cases

A local service, which is almost indistinguishable from local competitors, does not need content marketing. This is true for situations with no flow of regular customers – for example, a cafe at a train station or a gas station. In other cases, even a micro-business can strengthen its position in the market if it adopts content marketing. In a situation where the alternatives are almost equivalent, communication plays a decisive role.

There will also be difficulties for resellers and distributors. You need to improve the quality of its transfer to the end customer. Here, you can demonstrate your approach to providing friendly service, delivery speed, and storage quality. The space for maneuver is becoming significantly less, but it makes sense to show oneself in the best light there.

Finally, little can be effective in a highly competitive market where supply greatly exceeds demand. In this case, content marketing is not a panacea, and you should beware of entering the fierce competition unless you offer a product that can turn the market around.

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