Counting Some Advantages of a 2 Ton AC Unit with a Heat Pump

The traditional heating and cooling system are likely to contain a dedicated air conditioning system as well as a combustion furnace that uses either natural gas or liquid propane. However, they are not the only option in heating and cooling systems for homes around the country.

Especially in recent years, some homeowners have been quick to accept heat pumps for heating and cooling, because they offer a wide range of potential benefits. If your HVAC system is aging and you’re looking at alternatives, here are some of the distinct advantages of 2 ton AC units with heat pumps instead of traditional gas furnaces.

Better Energy Efficiency, Lower Carbon Footprint
One of the biggest draws of heat pumps is that they are energy efficient. Heat pump split systems, because they heat and cool via different methods, are more energy-efficient than alternatives. It takes less electricity for a heat pump to heat and cool a space than dedicated air conditioners or heat strips, which can potentially save the homeowner additional money. That, likewise, diminishes the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

Longer System Lifespan
Generally speaking, combustion furnaces do not last as long as heat pump systems. A gas furnace that is over 20 years old will probably need to be replaced in relatively short order, and despite the fact that some furnaces might last 40 years or longer, the average serviceable lifespan of most furnaces is likely much shorter, somewhere around 16 to 20 years. By contrast, heat pumps have longer lifespans on average, closer to

Lower Maintenance Than Gas Furnaces
Combustion furnaces should be serviced a minimum of once per year, which can be costly and time-consuming. Heat pump systems, by contrast, generally only need to be serviced every few years. That, like the system’s higher energy efficiency, cuts costs of ownership – fewer service calls also means a 3 ton AC unit with a heat pump might be one of the more convenient options among HVAC systems.

Extra Cooling Power
Another great thing about a 2 ton AC unit with a heat pump is that it will offer extra cooling power. One of the great things about heat pumps, in general, is that they can both heat and cool a space, but a system that also has a dedicated air conditioner paired to it will be even more capable.

One of the things about heat pump systems that causes some homeowners to choose traditional gas furnace and electric air conditioner systems is that the traditional systems are typically more powerful. A heat pump may be able to heat and cool, but it won’t offer as much heating power as a furnace or as much cooling power as a dedicated air conditioner. However, with a 2 ton AC unit with a heat pump, the dedicated AC unit will help keep things cool. A system like this might be most suitable in locations that get very hot in the summer but not particularly cold in the winter.

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