Disadvantages of Tourism

Environmental Damage

When it comes to Disadvantages of tourism, we invite thousands and in some cases millions of foreigners to the countries for a holiday. This can cause enormous environmental damage, especially in highly popular and tourist-dominated destinations. This usually does not happen because the tourists themselves directly cause damage, but rather because of the number of planes flying and cars driving. This peak in activity leads to higher carbon monoxide production in a country, negatively impacting the environment.

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This is just one example of how tourism can negatively impact the environment, but there are many examples to look at. For example , let’s take a look at ancient structures . A country like Thailand has a large number of ancient, sacred temples and these temples become huge tourist attractions, meaning that hundreds of thousands of people travel to this destination each year. A building cannot see this many people without going through a lot of wear and tear.

Cultural Exploitation

With so many tourists coming to enjoy some of the famous lifestyles and customs, we’re starting to see culture commercialized . This is something that can negatively affect the locals of a country, because instead of respecting and admiring the culture from afar, we impose the tradition on countless tourists. In this way, we began to turn ancient traditions into a sold product that seriously undermined sacred cultures.

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Bad Behavior of Tourists

The more people a country invites into its borders each year, the more likely it is to bring in tourists who do not honor local customs and traditions. Sometimes tourists do not respect local cultures and may break certain unspoken (or verbal) codes of conduct held at a very high level by a country’s indigenous people.

For example, the custom of not getting drunk or carrying shoulders in public can be made a joke among tourists and once again refute the traditional beliefs of the locals.

Job Loss

While there is sudden growth in the employment market, which may be surprising, there can be big drops . Sometimes the jobs provided are seasonal and therefore not consistent, resulting in some locals working only a few months a year. This can also cause many locals to be stuck in a dead-end business that offers no room for growth.

Lack of Job Security

Continuing from the above point, seasonal jobs from tourism often do not come with any benefits or packages. This means that employees can easily be left without a pension and insurance. This is because of the inconsistent nature of the work and the company does not have a specific client base.

Uneven Infrastructure Growth

With the enormous income from tourism, countries often do not focus on areas that do not attract tourists within their borders, but it still needs to be cultivated for the good of the local population. This means that there is wealth diverted to places where it is desperately needed, leading to a great divide between rich and poor areas.

This is sometimes evident in countries where tourist hotspots are overdeveloped and the rest of the country still needs urgent infrastructure.

Foreign Business Owners

There are many cases where travel agencies, hotels or restaurants in popular tourist destinations are owned by foreign businesses. While these are often companies that make money from one country, local businesses fall short . With foreign businesses taking most of the profits from tourists, it deprives local industries of the main sources of income they need to sustain them. This can cause local businesses to shut down and thus harm the country’s economy .

Neglecting Other Sectors

A major disadvantage of tourism in some countries is that while the tourism industry is doing well, the country neglects to build other sectors . That’s great, but on the other hand, this powerful foundation can be quickly destroyed.

Sometimes natural disasters or political unrest will stop tourism altogether and leave the country without any resources. This means that countries that focus too much on tourism are more vulnerable to economic and social disasters.



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