How to Download Gmail Emails with Attachments on Mac

How to Download Gmail Emails with Attachments on Mac

When we talk about email clients, Gmail is one of the most preferred email client services. Users can share specific email threads or attachments of their Gmail accounts if they save them to local storage. In this blog, we will talk about the two different approaches that can help users to download Gmail emails on Mac.

Gmail offers a user-friendly interface, various inbuilt applications, and a large storage space that is convenient to use.  But as the number of users increases, so does the risk to your data. Due to network outage, server malfunction, or any other reason, there can be a loss of important data. To avoid this, it is always preferable to save Gmail emails to the computer. Let’s share the common benefits of backing up your Gmail email on your Mac hard drive.

Benefits of Downloading Gmail Emails to Hard Drive

You will get multiple benefits when you download all emails from Gmail. We will shed light on a few of those benefits below:

  • 1. It protects your Gmail emails and attachments from getting corrupted.
  • 2. You can free up the Gmail space for new emails after taking backup.
  • 3. Saving Gmail emails enables an easy and quick way to share data with others.
  • 4. You can store old emails by downloading them on your computer and accessing them whenever needed.


These are some advantages for which users seek to download Gmail emails to the local drive. Let’s move further and talk about the various methods that help users to download all emails from Gmail on Mac.

How to Download Emails from Gmail in Bulk?

Users can save Gmail emails to local storage in EML, PDF, MSG, and TXT file formats. But saving the Gmail emails in PDF will bring out the major benefits as compared to other file formats. We will share the method of saving the Gmail emails in a PDF format below.

  • 1. Open Gmail on your Mac device and Sign in using the credentials.
  • 2. Navigate to the desired email you want to download.
  • 3. Click on the 3 dots in the top-right corner and go to the Print option.
  • 4. From the new window, select the Save as PDF option and then click on Save.
  • 5. Now, your desired email is saved in PDF format on your desktop.
  • 6. Repeat the above steps to export all emails from Gmail.


Using the above-mentioned method, users can successfully download Gmail emails in a few clicks. Yet, this method is not considered the best option because of the limitations that come along with it.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual method has its share of restrictions. It does not make it an apt choice to save Gmail emails to the computer.  It’s easy to perform but a tedious process when it comes to bulk operation.

  • 1. Users will need to save all emails manually one by one which is very time-consuming.
  • 2. There can be repetitions of similar emails.
  • 3. Users are unable to maintain the original data/folder hierarchy.
  • 4. It does not allow you to download attachments separately.
  • 5. You have to manually delete the emails from Gmail in order to free up the server space.


The above-mentioned limitations of the manual methods can be eliminated using a professional method. Hence, many experts suggest Mac Gmail Backup Tool to export Gmail emails in bulk. It is easier to use and provides 100% accurate backup and migration of Gmail emails in less time.

What is the Best Way to Backup Gmail?

Using the professional Gmail Backup Tool for Mac to backup & save Gmail emails is the best solution. It allows you to download complete Gmail mailbox data including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, attachments, etc, to the local storage. This tool prevents any kind of data alteration and downloads Gmail emails smoothly on Mac. Users can also export Gmail emails in bulk into various file formats and email clients and free up the server space. It saves the email attachments in a separate folder as well as removes all similar emails during the conversion process.

Steps to download all emails from Gmail:-

  • 1. Run the MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool on your system.
  • 2. Sign in to your Gmail account with email ID and password.
  • 3. Select the Gmail option from the displayed menu.
  • 4. Tick the required folders and then click on Next.
  • 5. Choose the desired saving option from the Save As menu.
  • 6. Finally, click on the Convert button to start saving the Gmail emails to Mac storage.


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It is best to download Gmail emails and save them to the hard drive. It protects your emails from unauthorized access and various threats to losing data. There are two methods to save emails from the Gmail account. The manual method is very lengthy when it comes to bulk operation. While a professional Gmail backup tool quickly and accurately backup Gmail accounts on Mac with multiple saving options.


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