How to Download Yahoo Mail to Computer with Attachments on Mac

How to Download Yahoo Mail to Computer with Attachments on Mac

I have often seen that most of the users have a question that “can I download my Yahoo account to my local drive?” They are not aware of reliable methods for saving  Yahoo emails to local storage. So in this blog, we will cover some best techniques through which users can easily download Yahoo Mail to computer.

Yahoo is a popular email client that offers various features and functions used by many users. Its simple interface makes accessing emails easier. However, due to security breaches and other factors, many users are facing problems while using this email server. To protect the data from security breaches and any losses, It is better to archive Yahoo email folders on Mac.

Stay on this blog, as we will discuss the methods to save Yahoo Mail to the hard drive but before look at the benefits of archiving Yahoo emails.

Reasons to Download Yahoo Mail to Computer

Data is important for every user, to save this data it is important to create a backup of it. There are numerous other benefits of saving Yahoo emails. Here are a few of them:

  • * Saving the Yahoo emails on your Mac PC helps in easy accessing it.
  • * It helps prevent the data from corruption and malware attacks.
  • * Sharing emails with clients or others becomes easier.
  • * You can secure important data by creating a backup of it.


Now that we are clear on the benefits to archive Yahoo Mail to a hard drive. We will share the different approaches that can help Mac users to easily backup their Yahoo emails to the hard drive.

How to Download Emails from Yahoo to Mac?

To avoid the hassle of searching the internet for a reliable approach to transfer Yahoo emails. We have shared the two best methods that will help to provide a successful migration of your Yahoo emails to the hard drive.

#1. Manual Technique to Backup Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive

The manual way to save your Yahoo email is by saving it in a PDF format. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the said conversion.

  • 1. Open Yahoo Mail on your Mac device.
  • 2. Sign in to your Yahoo account using the User ID and Password.
  • 3. Select the Yahoo email you want to download and click Open.
  • 4. Navigate to the More option and click on the Print button.
  • 5. From the print window, choose Save As PDF in the destination column.
  • 6. Then, click on the Save button, and your Yahoo mail is downloaded to your Mac computer.


By following these steps, users can safely download Yahoo Mail to computers. However, users need to keep in mind that there are a lot of restrictions that come along with this method.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual method though easy to perform but cannot be opted as the best solution to save Yahoo Mail to a hard drive because of certain drawbacks. We have shared a few of these drawbacks below.

  • 1. Downloading multiple emails using the manual method is a tedious process.
  • 2. There is a chance of having duplicate emails while individually downloading the emails.
  • 3. Users are not allowed to download the email attachments separately.
  • 4. Batch downloading operation is not possible in the manual method.


To avoid such limitations, experts prefer going with a professional technique.

#2. Professional Technique to Download Yahoo Mail to computer

Using a professional Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac, users can quickly backup Yahoo Mail to the hard drive. This method helps to backup single/multiple Yahoo emails at once without any data loss. It does not compromise data originality and removes duplicate emails from the saving process. The various inbuilt advanced features of this tool help to provide a safe and reliable migration of Yahoo emails.

Steps to archive Yahoo Mail to hard drive on Mac:-

  • 1. Run the MacSonik Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac on Your device.
  • 2. Enter the Yahoo credentials and Sign in to your account.
  • 3. Check the desired folders to download from the Yahoo backup wizard.
  • 4. Select PDF as a file saving format from the Save As option.
  • 5. Choose the Desired Path to save the Yahoo emails.
  • 6. Finally, tap on the Convert button to start the conversion process.


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It is beneficial to always have a backup of Yahoo emails as it makes the work of accessing older emails easy and protects the data from Malware attacks. In this blog, we have shared the different approaches using which users can download Yahoo Mail to a computer. Both methods are easy to perform but a professional method provides results with more accuracy in less time. It also helps users to import Yahoo contacts to iCloud, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, AOL, IMAP, etc.


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