Enterprise Video Content Management – Everything You Need To Know

Enterprise Video Content Management – Everything You Need To Know

With so many enterprise content management system options available for businesses, how do you pick the right one for your business?

When selecting an Enterprise Content Management System, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by the large number of providers available. After all, there are several factors to consider when selecting a provider. With this handy guide, we’ll help you select the right enterprise content management software so you can make the best decision for your business.

It all starts with understanding enterprise content management ecm systems at its core.

So, What Is Enterprise Content Management System?

Enterprise content management (ECM), often known as document management or records management, is a software that aims at managing an organization’s content across its entire lifecycle, including documents, spreadsheets, contracts, and scanned photographs. However, the primary goal of an enterprise content management solution is to reduce risk while enhancing productivity, efficiency, and customer experience by reducing paper-based tasks and increasing process visibility.

Enterprise Content Management Definition: 

Gartner defines Enterprise Content Management as “software, appliances, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to manage and simplify the transmission of one-to-any, on-demand video through internet protocols.”

The Benefits of Using an Enterprise Video Content Management System

Let us look at some of the business-side benefits of using an ECM enterprise content management.

# Better Support for (Large) HD Video Libraries

If your business is new to video content, you might be surprised to see how large some video files are. Apart from storage capacity issues, you will have difficulties in sharing video content across your business. An enterprise content management system (ECM) will make video management easy and simple. It will give a natural user experience along with a ready-to-use API into which your developers can link other key enterprise systems. 

# Optimizes Enterprise Video Delivery

Hosting is only a single aspect of video management. Another critical aspect of enterprise video management is optimizing video delivery to end users. While many enterprise video platforms allow easy connectivity with third-party apps, using an enterprise content management system ensures that your enterprise video experience is unified.

If you want to maximize the overall value of your video assets, you’ll need an ECM system that ensures your videos reach your viewers quickly, effectively, and in high quality.

# Organization and Search

Metadata management and categorization are key components in ensuring that your video library is well-organized and user-friendly. There are several techniques for categorizing videos, including content type, major topic, department and publish date. Also, ensure your categories are future-proof and intuitive for your end users. Using an enterprise content management system, you can search not just the metadata of your video library, but also the actual video content.

# Access Control

With the best video content management system, you can manage and oversee video content in accordance with compliance terms and business policies. You can carefully examine the video before distributing it to end users. It will keep critical information from being shared with the wrong people or outside the business.

Top Considerations When Choosing an Enterprise Content Management System

Some major features to look for in an enterprise content management system include:

  • Built-in CDN

Choose a content management system with built-in CDN hosting to ensure lag-free streaming. Always select an Enterprise CMS that allows you to provide video and audio streams more effortlessly and quickly, optimizing the network for content distribution while reducing deployment time and upfront investment costs.

  • Online Video Player

To deliver the best streaming experience to your audience, use an enterprise content management system with a completely customized HTML5-based online video player. Your audience can watch video content in a stunning, distraction-free video player with a plethora of features.

  • High Security

Select an ECM system with security features that protect you, your platform, your content, and your users from a host of security threats, including hackers and pirates looking to steal your valuable data, leak the content and disrupt your platforms. Such systems have been tested to protect your content against a range of security threats.

  • User-Friendly

The only way an enterprise content management software system can be a profitable investment is if users across functions and roles easily accept it.

  • Highly Scalable

Few video platforms are built for enterprise use. When thousands of customers throughout the business want HD video, network capacity soon runs out.

  • Adaptable

Video CMS should integrate seamlessly with key systems in your technological stack, such as video conferencing platforms like Webex and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.

  • Customization

An enterprise video content management system offers a wide range of video interface customization options to match your UX and design standards. There are thousands of configuration options available, including skins, thumbnail settings, galleries and playlists, video suggestions, and much more.

  • Anti-Theft Options

Copyright infringement is common on the internet, and businesses must secure their videos. Advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) uses encryption to prevent video assets from being copied, re-distributed, or converted. If you don’t have it, you might be losing money to content thieves.

  • Monetization

You’ve invested in creating high-quality content for your target audience. Why would you leave ROI?

Consider advertising video-on-demand (AVOD), subscription video-on-demand (SVOD), and transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) to optimize your ROI (TVOD). You must select an enterprise solution that provides a range of customizable monetization options.

Choosing the best enterprise content management (ECM) system for your business can be a challenging and time-consuming task. The goal is to find a solution that meets your specific needs, tastes, and budget. You must carefully check each ECM solution to see how it can enhance current operations, increase document security, and save expenses.

Summing Up

To sum it up, having the best Enterprise CMS for your business can make things a lot smoother, allowing you to easily create an experience that leads to more traffic and conversions. The secret is to understand your specific business needs and choose the right Enterprise Video Content Management System to meet them.


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