Everything Guide for Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Everything Guide for Rectangular Shower Enclosure

When it comes to bathroom makeover and upgrading it with a shower enclosure, then you have various choices available. Each of them has its own pros and cons. However, if you have a medium to large bathroom or want a luxurious style statement, then a rectangular shower enclosure should be your choice. Although shower cubicles are not an innovation, these have gained popularity in recent years. And it can be easily understood why it is so. These offer various benefits on top of their aesthetically pleasing looks. Therefore, whenever people think about modernity or contemporary bathroom, an enclosure comes to their mind. While discussing various types of an enclosure will require a lot more details, we are discussing various aspects of rectangular shower enclosures

What is Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

It is not difficult to assume that almost all shower cubicles are named after their shapes. So, in simple words, the rectangular shower enclosures are a bit larger than the square cubicles, making them more similar to a rectangular shape. So, in that way, these are larger in dimensions and more spacious options than others. 

What Makes Rectangular Shower Enclosure a Better Option?

There are the following features and benefits of rectangular shower enclosures.

  • Spacious and Luxurious Shower Experience

Everyone wants a contemporary bathroom. Therefore, you will need an enclosure that can perfectly complement your functionality and aesthetic needs. In addition to that, there is no comparison to having a spacious and luxurious shower experience. Among all of the choices of enclosures, the rectangular shape enclosure is the one that can offer you that. So, if you are into a luxurious shower experience, then this should be your ultimate choice. 

  • Best Choice for The Medium and Large Bathrooms.

We have already discussed that there are various types of shower enclosure shapes available that you can fit in your bathroom. Although you may have limited choice for the small bathrooms, you can choose anyone you want for medium and large. For example, a quadrant enclosure is a space-saving design, but why use that if you have plenty of room available already. The rectangular enclosure requires some space and is bigger than the square, which obviously makes them a more suitable choice for medium to large spaces. Perhaps, it is not wrong to assume these will be the best shower enclosure option for any such spaces. 

Contemporary and Aesthetically Pleasing. 

Everyone is after contemporary and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms. But creating the one will require all the fixtures to create a uniform and coordinated look.  Besides that, an enclosure that looks tremendously beautiful with styles that create a luxurious feel. Such designs can be a great addition to any space. It should be pleasing to the eyes, and the shape should be modern. The rectangular cubicle is great according to such requirements. You can even improve the looks in various ways, from adding a good quality shower tray to doors and other accessories that will enhance the overall feel of modernity. 

  • Compatible with all Shower Doors

Shower doors are an important fixture that is essential for many shower enclosures. The only exception for it can be a walk-in shower. So, it is the same for a rectangular shape. But the important thing to note here is that while there are various types of shower doors available, not all options are for you. Perhaps, you can not fit with any enclosure shape. Main door types include pivot, bifold, and sliding. The more options you have available for the specific type of enclosure you have, the more flexibility in choosing for practicality and aesthetics. The great thing about rectangular cubicles is that you can fit any type of door with them with no worry. 

  • Suitable For Corner Placement. 

Bathroom corners are such space that is often unutilized. Even in the small bathrooms, you rarely have any use of it. In reality, you can use them to create a style statement in your bathroom. So, if you want to choose a rectangular-shaped cubicle, then you can fit them in various spaces. That includes corners, against the wall or in the recess as well. It makes this type of cubicle most flexible in terms of fittings and adjustments. 

Final Thoughts about Rectangular Shower Enclosure. 

The rectangular shower enclosure is the most flexible option in terms the door computability and placements. You can fit any type of door into it with no problems. In addition, that it is a most spacious enclosure that is sure to offer you a luxurious and spacious shower experience. However, it is much like a square shape but much larger than that. That means you can pick this option if you have a medium to the large spacious bathroom. It can be fitted against the wall, into the corners or in recess as well. There is no match of this enclosure in terms of aesthetics and practicality with its flexibility. You can visit the Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK 2022 to check the latest offers of bathroom fittings and fixtures available in the market. 


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