Everything you need to know about CLSP in an International School in Malaysia

Cambridge Lower Secondary Program is designed for kids pursuing grades 7, 8, and 9 in international schools in Malaysia. The CLSP helps a student to prepare well for advanced levels of learning and education. In this program, a student studies the core subjects along with other creative subjects like arts and sports.

However, this program can be customized as per the learning system of the school and students. They can choose the subjects offered in CLSP as per student’s interests. Let us have a look at the different subjects covered under Cambridge Lower Secondary Program.

·  English – English is the most basic yet important language that every student should know. In CLSP, English covers the core aspects of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. One must be fluent in the language as they widely used it across the world.

Fluency in English helps the students to become avid readers and develop excellent communication skills for use in different everyday situations. It further enhances the creative writing skills of a student.

·  Digital Education – With the growing technological advancements, CLSP has given the right amount of weightage to digital literacy. Digital education helps a student to connect and communicate on a wide scale with the help of technology. Students can learn a variety of theoretical and practical approaches that help them lead online. With digital literacy, it has become easier to create online presentations and look for the desired information on the internet. A student can effectively make positive contributions to any digital subject. Besides, it is a great way to create their own identity in the world of modernization.

·  Art and design – The international schools in Malaysia encourage their students to give a boost to their creativity and imagination at a recognized platform. If your child has creative skills and wishes to flaunt them at a valid platform, then CLSP is here for you. It helps creative students to lay their imagination on paper and show it to the world.

·  Mathematics – To develop analytical and reasoning abilities, the subject of mathematics holds great importance in our lives. CLSP necessarily introduces the subjects to the students so that they are fluent with numbers, measures, statistics, probability, geometry, principles, patterns, and systems.

       Mathematics helps to widen the horizons of a student’s mind. It helps a student to observe and resolve situations with their great analytical and reasoning skills.

·  Science – A child needs to observe they’re natural surroundings and look for scientific explanations and phenomena behind them. Science incorporates further sub-categories like physics, biology, chemistry, and others.

·  Global perspectives – To enhance the key skills of analysis, reflection, collaboration, research, and communication, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme has effectively introduced the subject of Global Perspective to its students. It helps to embed multiple curriculum skills in a student.

·  Information and communication technology – The knowledge of information and communications technology is important more than ever. It helps the students with a variety of applications like working on documents, spreadsheets, animation, the internet, graphics, and programming.

Global Indian International School offers Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme to all international students for advanced learning and education. The program promotes the students to take risks and deal with real-life situations while becoming independent and committed.

The CLSP is designed in such a way that a student gets a deeper perspective of not just learning the subjects but also applying them in reality. This program further encourages students to observe their surroundings and practically apply all the skills as and when required.

Besides, at Global Indian International School in Malaysia, we have a team of excellent CLSP teachers who strive to provide the best education to students. They ensure to provide cent percent attention to the kids while developing their interpersonal skills.

Provided the flexibility of the Cambridge Curriculum, we have peculiarly adopted the award-winning 9GEMS methodology to improve the success rate. We make academic transitions smooth for all the kids with 360-degree development.

The scholarships offered by the Global Indian International school for Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme are 9 Gems Holistic Development Scholarship and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship. Both these scholarships are talent-based with a tenure of 1 year. Students studying from grades 1 to 12 can apply for this scholarship.

Visit the GIIS website now and take a virtual tour of the CLSP to have a detailed and smart understanding of the program. Get in touch with their expert academic counselors for any questions and give your child the best education with the latest learning methodologies.


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